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  1. Wow I didn't think anyone knew about that basement one at flinders. It was so grubby and seedy haha Used to play there and red house wagging school !
  2. Russell st arcades were interesting back then ;) They stayed open all night too,great times mostly with the occasional drama lol
  3. RIP Verne Troyer :( no cause yet
  4. Little things like that make a huge impact,night and day improvement
  5. Once in a blue moon,mine are more decorations nowadays
  6. Couldn't even last one episode :sleep
  7. Supersonic all day,any Zaccaria is doodoo :)
  8. Looks awesome,buy one and do a review pls
  9. D pants are more useful tho,just remember no solid loafs
  10. Using Chrome via Android it's been giving 'page offline' errors even when I'm online
  11. Too hot to handle at the moment with current me too scandals
  12. What share of nib sales are home collectors?
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