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    Rebuilding a Monaco GP cockpit and have parts for a Atari Super Bug. Always looking for parts for either

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  1. Im having a clean up and its time for this to go. So i'm giving away my Monaco GP sit down driving cabinet. The condition of the machine is that it will need some repair to the front right corner as it wobbles a bit when the front section is moved around. To get it working as a Mame racing cabinet you'll need a PC and a new screen (the current one has red lines running down the middle). Though not shown in the photos i've got the rear piece that just under the plexiglass. The only catch to this give away is i need it gone by this Saturday afternoon as that's when it'll be going to the dump if i don't get any takers. Pickup is Runcorn (Brisbane southside).
  2. One Neo Geo credit display in good working condition, comes with the cable and brackets $60 plus $15 postage. Here's a quick video of the credit display in action. https://youtu.be/ChWpDd3CdeQ
  3. Its an alternative to the pinsound sound boards called Tilt!audio (https://tiltaudio.com/), its a DIY board you put together yourself. And here's the thread on pinside https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/rebuilding-sound-for-de-jurassic-park-using-a-pi
  4. I'm looking at getting one of these boards. Did you ever managed to get it working and if so, hows the sound quality?
  5. I'm after a spare of restrictor plates if anyone has some available. I know theirs heaps around for the JLF but i couldn't find any for sale for the JLW series.
  6. You could use the old one as a template and cut a piece from 3mm plexi. Its pretty thick stuff and will take a little more than the standard 1.5mm plexi does.
  7. i did notice some with 10nF but wasnt sure if that was the correct type. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. Im wondering if anyone knows were i can get a 0.01μf 500v 20% ceramic disc capacitor. Im after one to repair my Data East DMD.
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I've added a pic of the internals and the pickup location is Runcorn.
  10. I'm wondering if any knows a local source for 1n5228 zener diodes?
  11. Sorry i didnt see your post. A local AA member has come and taken it.
  12. I had a 6 slotter and the marquee display looked similar to the one above. Also the i brought credit displays from the link mentioned above and they work and look like the originals.
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