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  1. $300 seems pretty fair to me. I think these older comparatively to PS2 are just taking longer to sell.
  2. I just miss these things. There is maybe too much organisation going on? Or perhaps latest post not displaying well on my phone.
  3. To clarify @buttersoft you are talking about pass through from hdmi to dsub15. Not converting a digital signal to analogue. The later would add variable lag yeah?
  4. No, latest build on the forum. There is a bunch on the forum about it. It happens when certain sprites are loaded. An example is the start/finish line on daytona. The flag makes the frame rate drop to 10~ fps. So you get great performance, slow down, great performance, slow down. I read it was pretty common issue. I checked fairly recent, 6 months maybe and it is still the same SVN. In saying that I could give it another crack, I have a different GPU in there now.
  5. Pleasuredome had a policy of nothing new didn't they?
  6. I would be super keen on model 3 but I get the dreaded sprite slow down. So even though I have a super capable computer the emulation is not there.
  7. Love my megalo. Good luck with it
  8. You could use some fpv gear, if you want. VTX and goggles. You could get something cheap from aliexpress and fix it to an RC. I was going to do this for fun, but the stuff I would enjoy would likely make me motion sick.
  9. Make your own control panel if you have the skills. It is actually pretty easy, especially if you have the old one to be a template.
  10. You use them to push your work against, clamp to. They are called bench dogs. You can use different shapes for different purposes. That bench is what a proper wood workers bench who likely prefers a good hand tool looks like.
  11. Hi all, If you have a bunch and don't want them anymore let me know. Getting into it and would like to try some out. Thanks
  12. Cleaning acrylic can we a pain too. Certain chemicals will damage it. Glass was a good option.
  13. My cousin let me borrow a few of his. He ended up giving me a couple because I loved them so much. This one and skywarp is all I have still. My mum was letting my son crash them into each other before I realised she kept them. My son doesn't mind I took them back.
  14. I am interested in the gun shells for display. Let me know if you just want them gone and I'll throw you a low ball.
  15. Busy atm so we only had time for three goes each. I really like this table though, so hopefully I'll be past setting up each time we need to play. Q - 373,590 Red - 1,626,190
  16. Hello all, I am having a problem getting the sync right on the jpac, which I bought second hand. I basically can only get a picture that looks likes when you put 480p into a 240p, as in the screen looks doubled and squashed. I tried windows with emudrivers eventually getting something close but out of sync and groovy arcade which is linux getting the 480p look immediately but never improving. I have used a gtx770, hd5450, some other ati card, all of them were supported with the method I tried. The jpac setting works best on the safe setting, doesn't work with any of the others. The arcade monitor works fine sync wise with proper boards and a raspberryjamma I have. Also this is not my first PC to 15khz venture, but for some reason I seem to have a lot of issues getting it working. I have other video cards to try, but really I am hours in and pretty burnt out on getting this working. Any quick things to try, or is there a chance this jpac is a dud? Thanks for any help on it.
  17. Sorry, it's all good. it was the usb port like @acejas suspected
  18. What is VR like @Jed ? I want to go it when gpus are back to normal prices for driving sim and I guess pinball now. So I figure in a year or so.
  19. I was hoping this might be the case, I'll try a different cable and usb ports. See if that changes anything. Cheers @acejas
  20. Yeah, I followed the guide a couple of times. The update appears to take but still not working on 10. I get the yellow flash every three seconds, which I think is failing to boot? I am doing something wrong, but nothing I can work out without assistance. Or there is some problem that is uncommon. Or step that is uncommon.
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