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  1. Make your own control panel if you have the skills. It is actually pretty easy, especially if you have the old one to be a template.
  2. You use them to push your work against, clamp to. They are called bench dogs. You can use different shapes for different purposes. That bench is what a proper wood workers bench who likely prefers a good hand tool looks like.
  3. Hi all, If you have a bunch and don't want them anymore let me know. Getting into it and would like to try some out. Thanks
  4. Cleaning acrylic can we a pain too. Certain chemicals will damage it. Glass was a good option.
  5. My cousin let me borrow a few of his. He ended up giving me a couple because I loved them so much. This one and skywarp is all I have still. My mum was letting my son crash them into each other before I realised she kept them. My son doesn't mind I took them back.
  6. I am interested in the gun shells for display. Let me know if you just want them gone and I'll throw you a low ball.
  7. Busy atm so we only had time for three goes each. I really like this table though, so hopefully I'll be past setting up each time we need to play. Q - 373,590 Red - 1,626,190
  8. Hello all, I am having a problem getting the sync right on the jpac, which I bought second hand. I basically can only get a picture that looks likes when you put 480p into a 240p, as in the screen looks doubled and squashed. I tried windows with emudrivers eventually getting something close but out of sync and groovy arcade which is linux getting the 480p look immediately but never improving. I have used a gtx770, hd5450, some other ati card, all of them were supported with the method I tried. The jpac setting works best on the safe setting, doesn't work with any of the others. The arcade monitor works fine sync wise with proper boards and a raspberryjamma I have. Also this is not my first PC to 15khz venture, but for some reason I seem to have a lot of issues getting it working. I have other video cards to try, but really I am hours in and pretty burnt out on getting this working. Any quick things to try, or is there a chance this jpac is a dud? Thanks for any help on it.
  9. Sorry, it's all good. it was the usb port like @acejas suspected
  10. What is VR like @Jed ? I want to go it when gpus are back to normal prices for driving sim and I guess pinball now. So I figure in a year or so.
  11. I was hoping this might be the case, I'll try a different cable and usb ports. See if that changes anything. Cheers @acejas
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