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  1. I don't have it, but I have seen it around in high res and repro in the past. Search google images and you'll find it if no one has it here.
  2. I haven't even heard of half of those. I love Jauce, but shipping prices have been a real killer lately. I bought a junk aibo and the shipping was 3/4th of the cost.
  3. I really like the collection. Getting pretty eclectic. Are you playing them, or mainly just enjoying restoring and modding?
  4. I am pretty sure I found out or came to the same conclusion that it was a 30s Wurlitzer
  5. Buy a nerf gun / toy gun and modify. People have done this a lot. I have a 3d printer, not against them, but injection molded will be a lot more durable, accessible, than a 3d printed one.
  6. Such a unique arcade experience. GLWS
  7. I've got this same cab, I thought it was a Hankin cab. Turns out LAI Cabaret. Thanks for the info. If anyone is keen, they are really well built, mine de-laminated over time as well. The cabinetry is solid though and it is restoring/cleaning up really nicely.
  8. I'll keep them under the house if anyone wants them, knows what they are.
  9. Free parts. Too clarify the jukebox in the next post is not on offer.
  10. Surprised these aren't selling. I would buy both of I was near as displays. I thought people chased them
  11. There is an easish soft mod for the xbox too. You play some certain games and inject code through usd to controller adapter.
  12. Unrealistic pricing has always been around, just more visible I think because of the attention to retro gaming. 1.5m for mario 64 I am sure brought a lot of hope to some sellers
  13. Black light looks sick. I bought a second hand DJ smoke machine. Basically have to go lasers now. I'm out committed.
  14. Mister does Neo Geo very well, pricey but I think it's worth running a mister in an arcade. However, mistercade is expensive and not the only way to go about it. I run three and four button games on the neo cab happily, older console games. I put on a Neo Geo classic when people come around. Windjammers, Metal Slug 3, etc. IMO and know I'll get hate, original gear is not worth it in today's market unless it's a top 10 game for you. For example I have SF2 hyperfighting and will happily play it every day. Not much else that I can say the same for.
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