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  1. I just pretend they said nothing important and move on. But there is probably a browser add-on that does what you're asking by looking for specified dark text rather than using the CSS and then forcing the default style.
  2. I have been tempted to make a modern design that takes up less space and makes it all easier to work on. If I do I was going to make one for my dad also. If you guys want we could do a community build, get the same gear and then set up is essential the same. I made a wide body from scratch and the weight, legs, wasted cavity space, etc. Just make the thing a pain when it could be heaps smaller with no ergonomic difference.
  3. Ill take your 10k deposit and then ghost you for a year if you want Pat
  4. Acrylic is easy to chip, crack and over heat. I would guess that if you sandwiched it in between wood and shaved the lot you would be okay, but considering the angle I wouldn't be confident. I have had success with a router at low speed going very slow as to nibble and jigsaw with a metal high tooth saw going slow. Sanding it anyway seems to be fine as long as you don't overheat it. Good luck with it.
  5. If you were wondering it is a pig to emulate well too past a certain year. I think John's one needs a fair beast to emulate poorly.
  6. Is it an Arcade 1up and you are modifying that? and/or hoping to repair the original LCD? My understanding is that Arcade1up is an SOC emulating licensed games. Any PC and mame will basically be the same or better. So maybe cut your loses, salvage what you can and go the easiest route you can to get you gaming again.
  7. Back in my day these were things you said to your mate for being effeminate, it was silly and meant nothing between friends. Now they are words that must not be spoken and get people cancelled.
  8. Glad you found something. If you have the option out of the PC running something else like DVI, HDMI, display port, etc. will give you access to higher resolutions, so more pixels, better clarity.
  9. Your eyes will thank you. 2010 budget TFT will have nothing on whatever you buy today.
  10. If it is a high end colour correct monitor I would try and fix it. If it is a standard 5 year old thing, yeah, probably easier to replace.
  11. Sounds like an ic is failing/over heating. You can buy new driver boards and replace it if it's a fantastic monitor, but that might not be the issue. Also, next time in windows go power settings > change power button to shutdown computer. Then press once and it'll trigger a shutdown until you get a new monitor.
  12. https://shinobi.video/ I use this on a proxmox box. Can access remotely or via the network through a browser.
  13. I use automotive filler too on the things I care to go to the effort for. I even use the spray stuff sometimes depending on the situation.
  14. Do you portable game much? I feel like I always like the idea, but have realised I just don't play games on the go ever. It's not a lack of options just always have something better to do when I'm away from home.
  15. Wow, this thing must have really frustrated you. The write up was good to read on this end, Hopefully you get the feel for it again.
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