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  1. I'm using a PI 2 :) the games i have tested runs very well yoshi island (snes) Rival school (psx) Baloon Kid (gb) Pokemon Red (gba) Toilets Kid (pce) Capcom VS SNK (ngp) Guilty Gear Petit (ws) For the problem i don't really know, certainly it was because differences between last retroarch and the one used on the pi.
  2. Finally, i have got everything working perfectly !!!!! Snes, nes, genesis, sms, psx, pc engine, wonderswan, gb & gba ^^
  3. I have tested with mario world 1 and same thing. Tested another .so picked on retroarch website (nightly build arm) and it don t work (nothing no error i have to reboot the pi )
  4. Finally i have the genesis who runs fine \o/ For the snes it launch but i have a black screen (tested only with aladdin and yoshi island) maybe my .so fil is bad ;)
  5. yes i've already tried :( Maybe it's my retroarch who don't work ?! :'( gonna try with picodrive --edit-- same thing with picodrive :( can you zip me the files needed to run it so i can test with your configuration pleaseeeee
  6. I have already tested without the ./ Well i have already tested a lot of things, spent actually something like 8 hours to tey to make it work :,(
  7. Hello it's me again, i have a lot of fun with my raspijammabords, i have managed to build a console version for a friend (i don't like to play consoles games on my cabinets), i've compiled some emulators sources and downloaded binaries version then be cause when i try to launch a game (snes or genesis) it don't work. I don't know if it s from my advmenu config ? here is the snes part of my advmenu.rc emulator "snes" generic "/opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/bin/retroarch" "-L /opt/retropie/libretrocores/lr-snes9x-next/./lr-snes9x-next.so %r" emulator_roms "snes" "/boot/roms/snes" emulator_altss "snes" "/boot/gamePics/snes/snap"
  8. Thanks (again) Dee2eR for the link (i'm gonna check if it's not already in ;) )
  9. yes it's what it sent me by pm earlier, i have edited the mame4all and mame106 files but when i try to edit those for FBA and MAME 078 (retroarch), in the menu i have quickmenu-->shader parameters but then i have something like : no shader selected. i've tryed to add a shader (gamma), the image seems to be lighter but i can't adjuste it. I've also seen that in retroarch there is an antialias option activated and a soft bilinear filter or something like that , i think everyting have to be OFF to get the sharpest possible picture.
  10. swisstoni has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. ;) Gamma ok for mame but can't change it in retroarch (the option is unavailable)
  11. ok thanks i'm gonna give it a try (i have already tested it for advmenu but i have don't seen a real difference.) For advmenuplus i have finally it working but it don't load the layout (the only interesting thing ...) It asked me to edit the layout's .amp file because on linux it interprets # not as comments so i have removed all #lines . If someone have a amp file for linux you are welcome :D
  12. i have a new question :p Is there a way to have a better brightness and contrast ? (gamma) I'm gonna try to modify my hdmi->vga adapter, maybe if i change/remove the 75 ohm + 1.1 ohm resistors on Red Green and Blue ...
  13. yep it s what i was thinking, so i've used it already ;) It need to use the "normal" advmenu.rc mixed up with the advmenu.rc.advmenup (for the exes paths) but it's long to do that with with nano :p
  14. i was running it from the run.sh. So from the console i've some errors, i'm trying to correct them little by little lol.
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