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  1. Heya Grunta... Jodi and I would love to attend if possible. Thanks heaps mate.
  2. Hey Grunta... Jodi and I are keen. Can you please add us to the list. :)
  3. Hey guys.... wouldn't you know it the childcare centre is getting work done today. So it appears the car park will be getting used until 5pm or so. As mentioned there is a bit of parking up near the house but otherwise park along the street, or if you get there after the workers have left then park in the child car park.
  4. Yes, I am from Geelong (don't hold that against me). There's a monthly competition held at the Golden Fleece hotel which is very convenient to get to from Geelong - that one has a pretty chilled vibe too. Perfect competition to start off with.
  5. Sorry to hear that you can't make it Glenn. I'll catch up with you another time mate. Hope all is well :)
  6. Hi All, Please be gentle this is my first meet and I'm going to make it a HOST-ONLY one. Details below: WHEN: Saturday 18th January, 2020 TIME: 3pm - 1am WHERE: Lara, VIC (Address details via PM) FOOD: Nibbles supplied and I will chuck on some snags, etc in the evening DRINK: Soft drink and bottled water provided - BYO Beer Spirits Shots etc COST: Nothing. Pins on free play. CHILDREN: Are more than welcome. ( Parents responsible for their own kids ) PARKING: Plenty of Parking - there is a child care centre with heaps of parking in front of my house. ACCOMMODATION: There is plenty of hotel / motel accommodation in Geelong, etc. RSVP: Either private message or just post in this thread by Wednesday 15th January so I can work out how much snags, bread, etc I need to get. RULES: No Smoking in house. Drinks / Food in the house is ok. No food or drink in the pinball room. No playing games with greasy fingers. No hard shaking, slapping, slides or death saves on my machines. If you do you will be asked to leave! No holding the flippers up while chatting away mindlessly. Finish games that you start. No adjusting machines - settings or levels. If any pins play up let me know first before continuing to play them. Pins: Revenge from Mars, Medieval Madness Remake, Attack from Mars LE Remake, Pirates of the Caribbean (Stern), Lord of the Rings, Simpsons Pinball Party, Monster Bash LE Remake, Road Show, Twilight Zone, Addams Family, Theatre of Magic, Indiana Jones, Star Trek Next Generation, The Shadow, Jurassic Park LE, Deadpool Premium, Iron Maiden Premium, Dialed In LE, Star Trek Premium, Fish Tales, Aerosmith Pro, Guardians of the Galaxy Pro, Walking Dead LE, Spiderman, Tron, Iron Man, Judge Dredd, No Good Gofers, World Cup Soccer, Demolition Man, Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Getaway, Johnny Mnemonic, AC/DC Premium, Metallica Premium, Doctor Who, NBA Fast Break, Game of Thrones Premium, White Water and Congo. Pool: We've got a pool so if the weather is hot and you want to have a swim bring a towel and bathers. Any questions please PM me. RSVP's Hashman & DangerRay Cursed & Queen Of Shots toads & Fairground AxedBandit & Helen, Matty Mckie1 & Joanne Manny65 & Kosta Coon82
  7. Thanks Dave and Ray for such a fantastic evening. Pity we couldn't stay longer - managed to get back to Lara around 2am. Look forward to seeing the photos later!
  8. Thanks Paul & Cathy. Jodi and I had a great time - even though we had to leave so damn early - next time I will make sure I don't double book!
  9. Hanging for the weekend Leigh. Thanks so much for all the efforts you blokes put in it is most appreciated. I had a meet with 20 or so people on 40 dmd-era machines at mine recently and that was stressful enough for me! Can only imagine how much work and blood, sweat and tears goes into an event this big. Looking forward to a yarn with you, Dan and the crew. Cheers, Erik.
  10. OMG that SCART switch is a thing of beauty - I need one like it - where did you get it from?
  11. Hey mate... I'd love to come if there's room. Tentatively include my wife Jodi also. Cheers, Erik.
  12. Thanks Mike and Sharon for opening up your home to us pin heads today. I had a great day - you guys have a lovely collection of machines :) Cheers.... Erik
  13. Ok airfare and accommodation has been booked. Just gotta tell my boss now! :)
  14. Welcome mate. You've come to the right place to be sure and being on that side of Melbourne I can highly recommend attending a Bayside Pinball Club meet - the next one I think is at the Sandbelt Hotel on 31st January at 7pm.
  15. Thanks Glenn70 - it got home safely and is set up. Got 250m on my first game - so I am pretty with it :) Thanks for the chat - could I stayed longer if I didnt have to get back to Geelong! Will be fun streaming it with Marty on Sunday night :)
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