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  1. Are you referring to Freezy's beta testing finishing? If so then don't hold your breath - it's been in Beta for about 4 years now! The same can be said for most community based projects (ie nearly all of what virtual pinballing uses!) as the projects are not run the same as in the commercial software world. Virtual Pinball is a perfect example, as I don't thing I've seen a "Final" or "Release Candidate" update for about 10 years. They just roll it over to the next version. So we are up to VP10.7 at the moment, but the next "version" wont be VP11 as the project is being moved over to using the Unity engine, so it will be VPE. The best approach is to wait until it seems like a new "version" is stable (follow feedback of Facebook, VPF and VPU) and then do an update.
  2. No worries Peter - all you need is an app called Team Viewer which will allow someone to remote access your PC and have a look around. I could do so whilst speaking with you over the phone to explain what's going on and get those last few pesky add-ins running correctly. Freezy's is a must for full colour DMD output and I'm sure there's a few other things that you'd like looked at as well......
  3. Give me a yell as I'm certain I can help you out somehow to sort out your PC woes. Cheers, Chris
  4. G'Day Peter, apart from looking at the specs of any of the TVs or monitors (yes you can get a 43" 4K monitor or two) to check their "height without stand" measurement, your best bet would be to grab a tape measure and go to a couple of local retailers that sell TVs and do some measuring. Be very wary that you DO NOT want a tight fit because even if you brace the cabinet it will still flex a little when moving it, or even when nudging. You don't want a tight fit leading to a cracked screen! You will want 2-3mm clearance on each side. Also, you may have seen instances of people de-casing their monitors/TVs. This seems like a good space-saving idea at the time, but be careful as you won't be sure what you'll end up with once you open it up. Many modern screens get their structural strength from the case itself, so if you remove that then then the likelihood of damage could be greatly increased. You'll also void your warranty to boot. In the end you may find you have to notch out the entire width of the side panels. This could still be OK as long as the notch doesn't have to go lower than the bottom edge of your side rails. Good luck with it and gtive me a yell if you need pushbuttons, plunger, encoder, tactile feedback etc for your project and I'll sort you out. Cheers, Chris
  5. Sorry for the late reply as I've not been on here for a while. Why did you not email or call me for support? There should be no need to do anything with the encoder as it's already been programmed and should be detected by Windows as a Pinscape Encoder, regardless of what version of Windows you are running. I have a test unit which has been running my "prototype" Pinscape encoder and it has worked faultlessly with vanilla and modded versions of XP, 7 and 10 without having to touch it. Maybe try it on another Win10 PC and see if it gets detected. Also swap to a different USB cable in a differnt USB port and see if that makes a difference. It should flash yellow and green when working properly and also make the trademark sound when detected by Windows as a USB device. It should then show up in Devices and Printers as a "Pinscape Controller". Give me a yell if you're still stuck and I'll see if there's anything else we can try.
  6. IMO one BST is overkill, let alone TWO of them! Also, they need a considerable amount of power from an amp to sufficiently drive them. I'm in the process of "redesigning" my Tactile Feedback kits and will be introducing one kit which includes a pair of DAEX58 Exciters and a TT25-8 Mini Bass Shaker with a 2.1 Lepy Amp and that setup really thumps. Two of those kits along with your Logitech Z333 speakers would give you plenty of noise and vibration. Drop me a line via my website if you're interested.
  7. What width do you need your lockdown bar to be? I have a some that are custom fabricated metal and powdercoated black which may suit your needs. They have an internal width of 632mm. Cheers, Chris
  8. Drop me a line when you're after all your VPin hardware "bits" as I can hook you up with a few things you'll be wanting. Cheers, Chris
  9. Feel free to call me for a chat as we can get you pointed in the right direction PC-wise.:cool:
  10. What are you after @Chaza73 ? Maybe I can help you out......
  11. Give me a yell and I can give you the pros and cons of a few different joysticks, some of which I stock. Cheers, Chris
  12. Yet ANOTHER reason to keep running with Win7.........
  13. If you don't mind me asking, what size is the slab you're having poured and how much will it cost?
  14. How awesome to live across the street from a toy shop!
  15. I ended up dropping the Zebsboard because of continuing issues. Swapping over to the Pinscape based encoder and plunger not only provided me with a far more reliable and feature-rich product, but it also allowed me to offer it at a far cheaper price! Give me a yell and I'll see what I can do about setting you up with an encoder to replace your problematic Zebsthing....... ;)
  16. Give me a yell if you want to upgrade any of the internals, such as the encoder so you then have analog nudging and plunging and tactile feedback.😎
  17. To my knowledge, the cabs offered by both of those are the Chinese type. They seem to be put together pretty well but their PCs are underpowered and as such they run older software that offer far less features and realism than their competition, or systems that DIYers use. I've had a few people that have tried/owned one telling me they are laggy and there are certainly better options out there.
  18. IMO it's worth it as the tilt bob offers a different method of tilting to the "Tilt Sensitivity" setting in VP, which defines a finite maximum force you can impart on the cab before it tilts, rather than a pendulum effect. My tilt bob is adjustable so you should be able to fine tune it to your own preference and it also doesn't tend to swing around forever.
  19. Hi @mozzie1 - if you have Team Viewer on your pinball PC I could remote access whilst I have you on the phone and run you through a few things. As long as you don't mind making it worth my while of course..... Cheers, Chris
  20. I have to say that @ashsav is your man - as you can see from the pics in his post, his build quality is fantastic as is his attention to detail. I did some collaboration with him last year and we came up with a few things that didn't come to fruition, but looking at his post above he's been busy with all sorts of things, such as the custom coin door and stainless steel legs. Anyhow, do yourself a favour and drop him a line.
  21. It's just as easy to do manually using the "Find and Replace" feature in Notepad++. The idea would be though, that once you've culled the XML file you would then not use Game Manager again, otherwise it will just replace all the same entries you just got rid of! I find it far easier to use Notepad++ to add/edit table entries as the XML file is very easy to read and each table entry has a very clear and rigid structure. It has just become another step in the process.
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