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  1. Gottlieb 1993 , Wipeout - for reference sold $5250 IMG_0866.MOV
  2. DMD still not working. Voltage readings at board are the same as before board went off to have HV section rebuild. Have noticed the readings at Pin 3,4,5 where they should be 0 are showing 2mV, 27mV and 27mV respectively Is a ground issue at play here or are those voltages acceptable?
  3. The parts list above from the manual is incomplete. Part numbers for what I’m chasing are not finished. Looking for part numbers / type of chip required for U8 U9 or the equivalent…
  4. While skybeau did a great job on my high voltage board from another machine, we have discussed this board. Still looking for replacement chips though. 😊
  5. Have also found similar errors on U8 and U9, The parts list is vague on helping me understand what I looking (see photo). Can anyone tell me exactly what type of replacement I am looking for, for U3,U8, U9 please?
  6. Looking for said board ( working) to replace part number 520 5055 00 thanks
  7. Have found the clip on the board that locks this into place (J3 on stern) is broke and the two pins tend to be a little free in their movement. Any suggestions, or is a glue gun the best option?
  8. Follow up I have tested the U3 chip ad found the a leg on it not generating around the .05 that the other legs generate on the DMM. (This is my research suggested) I also tested the U201 it seemed fine. While I’ve researched a fair bit and self taught how to test,I believe this could be the issue Opinions.
  9. Apparently a high power diode was faulty.
  10. Tried that. Fuses ok.🤷�♂�
  11. I tested a DMD from another machine ( not for the first time ) in AP. It worked, as did the AP when I turned it on to check. Thinking I had ribbon cable issues on the other machine, I have removed and saw the connections were wrong ( thinking of swapping them into other machine to test) so put them back. Machines off when doing this. Now AP displays Norma boot up sequence for first screen, see attached I was then getting a message saying “51 balls missing�. Now I’m getting the rubbish as in the photo. Now while sitting here typing this, it is scrolling through these screens It plays normally, but there is no gameplay scoring shown. The only screen that appeared was one saying at end of ball 2x 20,000000 , and it stayed on During gameplay, whichever of the screens is currently displayed, remains on for the duration unless you get something special, like the replay I scored, then that stayed on screen. suggestions?
  12. Board has returned from skybeau, where the report is all ok (now) Plugged it in and nothing. tested DMD in another and it works…….( now that machine is playing up, different thread) thinking ribbons? any any ideas?
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