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  1. It's a website for the Vewlix F. They don't really have a regular list, just whatever they have in stock. https://www.tops-game.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=5666 I also don't know any other forwarder other than import monster, so I'll stick to whoever you guys choose. Do you know if Nishi has anymore NNCs? Personally I'm happy to have it shipped to Melbourne and then have Bill to move it to me.
  2. Thanks! Are you ordering directly from AGI, or are you getting a forwarder? I know of another place who stocks the Viewlix F cheaper than what is listed there.
  3. I'd be keen depending on timeframe. Nishi is a Candy cab dealer from Japan I'm guessing?
  4. I tried to get it, but ended up missing out. The seller couldn't wait 2 weeks for Bill to be available again and I don't have the means to transport it myself(along that I start work today). Was going to get someone with a Ute to move it for me, but since today is raining, I had doubts too. I should have paid right away though as he would have kept it for me for a short while. Guess it's one of those cases of I snooze and I lose lol.
  5. I'd be keen on the New Net City at that price lol That said, freight to AU would be brutal.
  6. Yeah, I'm in the market for another Candy and may have to resort to importing from Japan, but the prices are a bit on the higher side, thanks to the ridiculous freight. Local market for candies is dry as a desert right now. See how it goes during the new year.
  7. 22.6mm according to the website. Which is the same as 100 yen coins, but they did claim the tokens are slightly lighter. I've given up trying to get 100 yen coins, so this should be good.
  8. Just bought 2 ashtrays, a keyring, 100 yen sticker and a bunch of tokens.(seem to be the same size as a 100 yen coin) Shipping is a killer though, 35 euros...
  9. Speaking of tokens.... Anyone know of any retailers who sell Sega or Taito ashtrays? Looking for one to store my 100 yen coins(which I am also looking more of haha)
  10. Heads up to anyone who wants a vs city. One is working and the other has faults. Comes with a Namco system 256 too... These cabs are way too big for me personally, but if you have the space... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/whitfield/video-games/two-sega-vs-city-arcade-machines/1283850997?utm_source=whatsapp&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=android_VIP_sticky
  11. Yeah I do mainly intend to play 15khz mainly, so it's likely going to be wasted on the NNC, although I do intend to get a Naomi setup eventually.
  12. I was quite close in getting it too, but seeing your comments mean I dodged a bullet....... Thanks for that! May have to bite the bullet and get a NNC imported from Tops instead. Will be paying double, but I trust Tops.
  13. Would probably need to order a whole containers worth to get any sort of value out of this.
  14. Damn that was quick. I would have jumped into that too lol.
  15. I've seen Astros going for around 1500ish in the last few months tho. 2500 is really high for an Astro.
  16. Yeah, anything over 2K min like Egret I'd classify as Boutique. Way out of my price range personally. I saw one listed on Ebay once for around $1900. Looked pretty slick I admit.
  17. Yeah, Will definitely make a post on it. Just deciding on which to get lol. I suppose NNC being tri sync is more flexible if I ever decide to go for newer hardware like Naomi or System 2X6.
  18. Heya all After owning a Blast for 6 months, I've decided that I'm in the market for another Candy. After experiencing how fussy and difficult Blasts are, I'm going to go for something easier to manage. For my budget around 1000-1500, pretty much looking for either an Astro or a NNC. That said, besides ZAX(at over 2.2K!), I haven't really seen an NNC. What do you all suggest?
  19. You have collectors who insist on original hardware running in its original state. Heck I've come across to collectors who insist on CPS2 games running on a suicide battery over solutions like Infinikey. That alone makes unmodified hardware for a very popular game like Third strike worth it to their eyes.
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