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  1. Yeah I do mainly intend to play 15khz mainly, so it's likely going to be wasted on the NNC, although I do intend to get a Naomi setup eventually.
  2. I was quite close in getting it too, but seeing your comments mean I dodged a bullet....... Thanks for that! May have to bite the bullet and get a NNC imported from Tops instead. Will be paying double, but I trust Tops.
  3. Would probably need to order a whole containers worth to get any sort of value out of this.
  4. Damn that was quick. I would have jumped into that too lol.
  5. I've seen Astros going for around 1500ish in the last few months tho. 2500 is really high for an Astro.
  6. Yeah, anything over 2K min like Egret I'd classify as Boutique. Way out of my price range personally. I saw one listed on Ebay once for around $1900. Looked pretty slick I admit.
  7. Yeah, Will definitely make a post on it. Just deciding on which to get lol. I suppose NNC being tri sync is more flexible if I ever decide to go for newer hardware like Naomi or System 2X6.
  8. Heya all After owning a Blast for 6 months, I've decided that I'm in the market for another Candy. After experiencing how fussy and difficult Blasts are, I'm going to go for something easier to manage. For my budget around 1000-1500, pretty much looking for either an Astro or a NNC. That said, besides ZAX(at over 2.2K!), I haven't really seen an NNC. What do you all suggest?
  9. You have collectors who insist on original hardware running in its original state. Heck I've come across to collectors who insist on CPS2 games running on a suicide battery over solutions like Infinikey. That alone makes unmodified hardware for a very popular game like Third strike worth it to their eyes.
  10. There were like 3 blasts listed from a Brisbane seller on Gumtree in the last 3 months. Just give it a browse every day or set up auto notifications for blast's when they turn up. Just have to wait.
  11. Heya all As discussed, been looking for this for quite a while now. Anyone who has one for sale let me know!
  12. Sorry for bumping this thread, but I figured this would be an appropriate thread to ask. I recently purchased a working MS2931 Chassis and Tube suitable for the blast city and plan to install it to my blast city cabinet in around 2 months time. I currently store the monitor with the monitor facing down(protected with a insulation) on the bottom shelf in my garage. Would this be advised or should I change my approach?
  13. Unfortunately I just have the PS2 games myself. A shame that there's no CS versions of the new ones any more.
  14. I'm of the opinion that 360 ports are the sane way to go at this point for Cave's titles. The value of the PCBs are just simply obscene these days
  15. That's really cool. Technically you can use this for PS2 right?
  16. Hmm noted..... It's funny I gave highway a call to ask if they're getting any candy cabinets anytime soon and they pretty much told me that it's not going to be possible with the freight costs nowadays.
  17. I see.... Is the PSU on your cab 240v or do I need to get a step down transformer? Also how were the buttons and sticks?
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