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  1. it is the complete set of boards in their metal cage , plug and play! Will post.
  2. Namco super system 22 toyko wars complete game pcb in metal cage . Plug and play , will post. $ 250
  3. Namco super system 22 cyber cycles complete set of game boards in metal cage . plug and play . will post $ 250
  4. Sega wave runner model 2 complete game pcb $300 , or complete machine
  5. Sega ringedge gameboard with Sonic & sega all stars racing $450
  6. sega ringedge 2 game pcb with GRID racing game and europa R i/o board $700
  7. sega ringedge 2 game pcb with sega rally 3 $450
  8. If you need another cyber cycles game board ,I have some but to be honest these are very reliable boardsets .I have never had 1 fail and I have 12 or so super system 22 games . Follow Joey,s instructions and if that doesn't work check your connections again . In my experience , most of the faults I've had were related to the ribbon cables that link the boards .Also check for stable and correct voltage . Hope one of these things fixes your problem.
  9. I may have a spare you can have if you pay for postage .
  10. Hi , I have a Namco 246 system with Ridge Racer V . Including the cd , security dongle , steering board , audio amp , power supply , wiring and peddles. Great replacement for a sick system 22 boardset with no 3D graphics fault . $400 and happy to post at buyers expense.
  11. Hi James , I have a bunch of 26 inch tubes with no chassis (not sure if any WG though) ,and a toshiba (some cruisin usa burn in) with chassis I was given from Benji .I'm happy to give these away to any AA 'ers that need them. Tom:)
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