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  1. https://www.arcade-projects.com/threads/minigun-supergun-an-open-source-supergun.9408/ Pretty sure that's still updated, or at least has the content you're after (I've got one. they're amazingly good!)
  2. These work well: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/172849029200
  3. Sold (elsewhere). -- Sega Master System 2 with Sonic built in, along with 33 other games, a controller, RF cable and power supply. There are 15 boxed games (4 with manuals), 18 loose carts and the built-in game is Sonic the Hedgehog. System is all original, and it & the controller work well. Looking for $300 + post Boxed games are: Battle Out Run SCI Black Belt Strider Enduro Racer World Soccer Operation Wolf Cloud Master Joe Montana Football Renegade Double Dragon Space Gun World Cup Italia ‘90 Transbot Loose: Trivial Pursuit KLAX Great Golf GP rider Pro Wrestling G-Loc Lemmings World Grand Prix Chuck Rock Spellcaster Wimbledon Parlour Games Populous Arcade Smash Hits Dynamite Dux Global Gladiators Dick Tracy Dynamite Duke (game with the missing label)
  4. Jotego just updated his Patreon with a new post detailing the Konami Kicker schematics and the work they've done to make them legible/useable - https://www.patreon.com/posts/konamis-kicker-58851268
  5. Definitely pop it open first and check, watched a tip shop down here kill a Classic that could've been saved by firing it up blind!
  6. nice Classic, hopefully the battery monster hasn't eaten it! Did it have the mouse/kb with it too?
  7. After getting rid of a bunch of excess Amiga systems I'd accumulated, decided to step up my Upscaler game by grabbing a Retrotink 5X pro. Arrived today & I'm really looking forward to giving it a run, as it's been getting a hell of a lot of good coverage for being an amazingly good solution - and also because unlike the OSSC, it supports composite & S-Video inputs too
  8. Did that Starscream come with the stickers to apply? I know some of them do but don't advertise it to avoid the wraith of Hasbro, otherwise there's people who make repro sticker kits to apply. Do love the current 3rd party market going on with these things, so far removed from bootleg territory!
  9. So I swapped an Amiga 500 with gotek... for 2 more Amiga 500 and a Commodore 1081 monitor. I don't think I'm doing this "declutter" thing right. Tangentially related, also picked up a whole bunch of the new Magic: The Gathering set which is based around The Forgotten Realms, including this snazzy little throwback:
  10. Slowly clearing through a bunch of projects/things I've hoarded for far too long. Finally got these PowerBooks sorted - 1x fully working PB 190, along with a second partially working one. Rather than replicate the eBay listing, the rest of the info is over here: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/114902822409 If any AA members are keen, will do the lot for $200 +post
  11. Oh hey, it's one for the Daily Pictures of Quan Chi twitter account!
  12. I've been busy! Scored these SNES carts the other night for what could be described as "2005 pricing": Then came across this Dick Smith VZ200 for what was definitely not 2005 pricing, but cheap enough to justify grabbing it (even if it's got what looks to be RAM issues): And finally my Atari Jaguar Gamedrive rocked up. Doubt 2005 even had any real idea what a flash cart was, let alone the insanity of making one for the Jag.. but here we are!
  13. I wish I could say the same. Never seen them even close to that!
  14. Oh.. and the deluxe kit will set you back close to $au600. Although if you're a big ole Taito fan, it might tickle your fancy: Eaglet Two Mini Full Package Luxury Special Edition (First Press Limited) Suggested retail price: 49,478 yen (tax included) Product details: Egret II Mini (40 titles built-in / cable included) Paddle & trackball game expansion set for Egret II Mini (SD card with 10 titles included) Control panel for exclusive use of Egret II Mini (2P color) Egret II Mini Dedicated Control Pad Instruction card mini (50 titles) TAITO 70th Anniversary / ZUNTATA 35th Anniversary Soundtrack CD (3-4 CDs) All 50 titles published DX strategy guide (160 pages in total, KADOKAWA Game Linkage Co., Ltd. special editing)
  15. On the tails of Sega doing the Astro City Mini, looks like Taito are jumping on the bandwagon with a candy cab themed mini-console of their own. Just announced, it'll have 40 games from across Taito's history + an optional Spinner/Trackball controller that'll come with an extra 10 games on SD card. The website has all the info, but few main things: 40 games built in, with an SD card reader to allow more later (like the spinner controller games) The 4:3 LCD screen can rotate into tate mode! Joystick can go from 8-way to 4-way mode Has an instruction card holder for above the screen Pretty good looking unit - Looks to be Japanese release only for now sadly. The official website has more info though & videos: https://www.taito.co.jp/egret2mini
  16. I so need me one of these for my MiSTer... Although I haven't had the time to really set it up how I want it yet, or get some of the more complex systems (like the Minimig, X68k and the like) running.
  17. Oh nice.. reminds me of the little cabaret cab I've got Commando in at home (although with a different coin door placement). Keen to see how you go here!
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