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  1. Magical Drop 2 and Ninja Combat SOLD
  2. Hi everyone, Looking to reduce some of my collection and move along some boards that aren't being played. Happy to post at buyers expense or available for pickup on the Gold Coast. All boards are working and I will send photos and videos of boards before shipping. PCBs: Gunforce - Irem M92 (has had 2 mask ROMs replaced that failed) - $350 King of Fighters 2003 - MVS standalone PCB (full kit without box - $200 Twin Cobra - Bootleg - $100 Rampage World Tour - Midway Wolf Unit - $500 Street Fighter II World Warrior on short 10mhz A - $300 Tumblepop - Original DE Board - $200 MVS: Ironclad (Conversion - needs a label) - $150 King of Fighters 2001 Bootleg - Repro kit - $50 Baseball Stars Professional - Repro Kit - $100 Real Bout Fatal Fury - Repro Kit - $100 King of Fighters 99 Japanese label - Cart only - $50 World Heroes 2 Japanese label - Cart and box - $60 Aero Fighters 2 - English Label - Repro Kit - $100 King of the Monsters - English Label - Repro Kit - $150 Magical Drop 2 - English Label - Repro Kit - $100 SOLD The Super Spy - English Label - Repro Kit - $100 Ninja Combat - Japanese Label - Repro Kit - $100 SOLD Blue's Journey - English Label - Cart Only - $100 MVS cart bundle deal: $700 If anyone is interested in taking this as a bulk lot, let me know. Happy to do a deal :)
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for an ITX size motherboard to suit a Sandy Bridge CPU Thanks!
  4. Panasonic CRT TV with multiple RGB SCART, component and composite inputs. Model no TX-76PW60A Great for retro gaming but is 100Hz so will not work with lightgun. Remote as shown is included and working. Very heavy, 2 people will be needed to lift, happy to help load on my end Also advertised on Facebook marketplace. $100 ono Located Gold Coast, QLD
  5. That's a discussion for another thread. Sorry for the derail redferatu - good luck with the sale :)
  6. The installed ROMs are Euro region, so it will be Super Turbo. You could easily swap in the Japan region ROMs
  7. You can tell region by the connectors between A and B boards, that is a green/blue region boardset
  8. If you’re happy to seperate I’d be keen on an unmodified console and a Duke controller (can pick up)
  9. It's a bad colour RAM. It's not from battery leaking. It could be a bad trace but I've replaced several colour RAMs on Neo boards before. Common fault. I can fix it for you if that helps, or if you'd like to sell the broken one I'll happily take it off your hands :) I don't have a spare one slot for sale at the moment. I do have a 4 slot
  10. Hi, Are you after a single slot or multi slot board? What's wrong with your existing one?
  11. Updated first post, postage is additional but I'm happy to work with you on a price :)
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