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  1. JJP GnR aint going anywhere. Absolutely kills every pinball that I have played in the last 40+ years. I few more code tweaks from Keefer gonna make this one pure perfection. Stunning game in so many ways. 20211015_181545.mp4
  2. Its an ugly looking mofo from the video i seen from expo Purple is normally sexy but that looked shit
  3. Check it out https://www.chicago-gaming.com/coinop/cactus-canyon
  4. Continued is awesome and I always hoped that CGC would go with Erics CCC amazing additions. Apparently they CGC approached Eric but nothing ended up happening. Im guessing CGC at the time made the decision to go their own way, probably to accompany the new OS. If they did go with Erics CCC we probably would have seen the game a year ago. I highly doubt Lyman had skin in the game 3 years ago. Looking at the video there is new dots already. The game looks incredible and may end up to be better than CCC. It is unlikely we will see the game before Christmas now. Shaping up to be a ripper though.
  5. 1.24 has dropped. New start sequence is amazing !
  6. Cool, Interesting to note, Jukebox vs gameplay light show is way different. The machine really comes alive during gameplay. Katz and team out did themselves on this one, Pure Genius Though the shine has been tarnished by playfield woes, I believe the Aussie batch to be sound. My CE 404 playfields were manufactured Dec 27 last year and Jan 27 this year. clear on both is hard and like glass. It appears that some early CE batches may be problematic ? From what I have read early LE's may be hit and miss ? Perhaps a reason never to be in a hurry for a new title, lucky we come close to the tail end of manufacturing here in most cases. This gives the builders opportunity to sort out problems. Super happy with mine its mint, I did wait and was not going to play without bulletproofing. Peace of mind. Many thanks to the bulletproofing brains trust. 404 is BOLTED to the Floor !! JJP GnR kicks ass ! Holds its own against my 3 mad Sterns.
  7. Ah, Shit, Wrong Thread ! I will re-post in the gnr thread
  8. You are sitting on gold there man.
  9. Oh man, I don't have a printer so that would be super cool, awesome,thanks heaps champion.. Cheers
  10. Finally playing my GnR 33 games in and Rocket Queen so far is most mental light show I have ever seen. this game is seriously fucking Awesome !
  11. Im feeling somewhat nostalgic and searching for pics and vids from back in the 80's Sydney in particular Anyone got some good leads ? Vid about 90's was interesting
  12. Check out this Galah, I'm to old for that crap, lol
  13. Rubbers on mine are tagged PL, Pinball life ? They looked pretty good like they would have no hassles, but while doing the bulletproof teardown I chose to change them out with Perfect Play clears. Used Perfect Play blues for the 4 flippers. I don't think black would be a very good choice. Edit, JJP may have woken up and started using decent rubbers now ? The PL ones did appear to be good. Also worth while to get a set of 6 x Ninja carbon balls as the JJP ones are reported to be rubbish. Idk, mine are still in bag. Ninjas are in and ready to rock.
  14. No, sorry mate. All I can recommend is have some good preparation. Make sure that you have correct tools on hand. Be in a clear state of mind and have lots of patience. So far im about 7 hrs in and going the extra mile to protect everything as best I can. The VIP area looks like it will be caned so im adding PETG washers for plastics there. Also a good idea to PETG your sling plastics. Thanks heaps to the bulletproofing pioneers Cooked and Doug. Its really cool to have a great local community.
  15. @Cooked71 Mark has best solution for this PF post BS. Thanks Mark, I think that you are spot on. PSPA should have longer T-Nuts soon. T-Nut x 3 part # 4410-01118-00 B/W Posts x 14 ? part # PETG washers, Heaps ! In the meantime over 2 months owning with no play while waiting parts :(
  16. C'mon you rad pinball psychopaths out there ! There has got to be more discussion about Spookies Killer Title !!!! A new Freddy may have made me pull the trigger. All awesome themes, Wishing Spooky team well as always. Bring on the hype lads !
  17. CCr confirmed at SFGE expecting to see down under before Christmas. Who's in ? Thoughts about this title ?
  18. I have only done the 2 posts in photo as I had to go away for work again 😞 they came out very easily. Clear appears to be hard and set and rock solid on this one. Im doing the difficult posts and scoop next week when I get back, will post up some pictures with feedback then.
  19. I will admit im not a huge gnr fan, however the work that Eric, Slash and team have put into this title makes for an incredible audio and visual experience. I can't see the 21 complete tracks getting old too quickly. The audio quality out of the box is ordinary. Adding a sub is a must. The pinwoofer kit is supposed to be the shit, I will probably get one. Can't wait to start flipping this bad boy.
  20. I am unsure at this time for gnr as im yet to play, I don't see it being a problem as the ball will never hit the washers, raising height be a couple of mm may affect trajectory possibility ? Will let you know when all upgrades are completed ( still a few more hours work ) and I am able to actually play the pin 🙂
  21. Testing out the new os, thanks Trav. Attached seems ok so far 🙂 time to bullet proof the gnr Lol, foot in pic haha
  22. What a mad collection ! Man the Acca Dacca at about 15min is awesome ! Wow !! [video=youtube_share;PM-5887Guz8]
  23. PS link to post improvement guide https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/the-official-jjp-gnr-thread/page/226#post-6338289 I am unsure if I am allowed to post this PS reference link ? AA mods please remove if not allowed. Huge effort by Foofilghter to put info together Hope this may help others, Cheers, Ando
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