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  1. The clips are great and mostly relevant, they just need to be trimmed back a lot further. Keep up the great podcasts, I am enjoying the interviews and content. +1 for get Bill on, man he would have some cool stories. Stories a true, names to be changed to protect the innocent, or guilty, haha. Hopefully Haggis will have time for a chat at some stage as well 🙂 Oh and Travis too if he is willing, he would have some awesome repair stories.
  2. 0.97 is out now. I was able to join the billionaires club on 0.96 3 ball standard. I will admit that I was not blown away initially with GZ however now I find it awesome ! Monster zero and victory mb are just amazing ! I hope to make planet x one day. Get a Godzilla mate, you won't be disappointed.
  3. 6 ^ years for that, As long as Pat is happy Great to see his NGG jump ramp gets another shot. Sales annihilated by poor choice of theme and # 4 direction, Crazy man. Fortunately Katz and Keefer on code will save this technicolor yawn If I'm not digressing too much Haggis has done way more in under 3 years
  4. The Super Awesome Pinball Show is back, but on a sombre note, as we present the final interview Lyman Sheats gave before his untimely passing. Learn about CGC's new Cactus Canyon, but also learn about the man that became a legend, in a very personal chat with Franchi and Dr. Pin... and the introduction of our new co-host too! Lyman final Interview with Josh Sharpe https://superawesomepinballshow.libsyn.com/the-super-awesome-pinball-show-episode-29 Interview Starts at 12min Comment from Josh. Fortunately we worked on stuff closest to the start button first. I don't know a lick of programming so I'm thankful we were as far into the project as we were when this tragedy happened. We were currently working on the (spoiler alert) two-stage wizard mode for High Noon. Rules are in but that Lyman choreography polish we've all grown to appreciate and love hadn't been meticulously implemented yet. There's also potentially (Spoiler alert) some hardware features to our update that had not been fully implemented yet. I'll be seeing this thing through without a doubt. Him and I were so proud of the work we accomplished on this thing and there's no way he wouldn't want to see the community enjoy the update.
  5. Looks cool, If plays the tracks listed will be a ton of fun 🙂
  6. File is getting big ! 4.8 gigs By the time we hit 1.0 its gonna be 6 gigs + 😲
  7. Highly recommend Dougs flame kit 🔥 looks great 👍 http://www.speakerlightkits.com/
  8. Ah, Cool, good start. Adding you guys now. Remember all your personal details are kept in confidence. Its all just for fun and some high score reveals is great motivation to come back to your game for a better score.
  9. Online Pinball has arrived. Stern Insider Connected, SIC 😛 Post your username here to make connections with fellow pinheads to add some extra fun and challenges to your Pinball experience. Cheers Ando
  10. Installing update now Insider was a pita for me but got there, had to create new qr code. Concurr with others download is slow. It is a chunky file though at 4+ gigs. Update success, the godzuki screech freaked me out, lol. Time to destroy Tokyo
  11. 466 checking in. Art is RAD ! Tunes are rockin' Mrs likes to play it. Game hasn't gelled with me yet. I need to dial it in Just so happy it has a great playfield and perfect finish.
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