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  1. Can't agree with you more @namastepat. They'll be plenty of time in the future for this when it's cooled down.
  2. there were two BPC in June. Here's the other one. https://matchplay.events/live/60bk2
  3. Thanks for the event today @droogi lots of fun and wd to Gordon who played it really well, going into the final 4 with 6 of his 10 strikes left.
  4. no one want's to know that and next time don't include me by quoting my post. Mine was thanks yours not at all.
  5. Such a great time in the shed. I enjoyed playing with all these well-kept machines. Thanks to Rusty for organising and Grant and Angela for hosting this one. The pulled pork was exceptional.
  6. Such a great venue. Really looking forward to the Brisbane Masters here in a few weeks time. There still is another event on the 8th of July for those who want to get a feel of the venue. Thanks to the players tonight and Tyson for running it, looking forward to the next one.
  7. Just submitted my last score for the meantime as I've done something to my b2s and it's affecting almost all the running of the tables. Due to life and lack of time, I'll probably not fix it in the next couple of months. Thanks for the tournaments been fun playing tables I rarely get to play. Thanks for having me in.
  8. Indeed it was. Thanks for organising and the great hosts. Dave, that was a ripper of the last game on Defender if only you'd played the rest like that. Looking forward to the next one.
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