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  1. Hey All. Sarah and I are looking forward to welcoming everyone to Xmas HB on Saturday night. It is a great event and one we love doing every year. With this event so close to Xmas we are very mindful of the current covid situation and would hate to be a hub of a close contact forcing everyone into a 14 day quarantine. We want to make sure everyone stays safe and will be able to spend Xmas with their families. So we just wanted to remind you all to check the ever growing loooooong list of contact tracing on the QLD website before attending and take appropriate action. While we are not a Venue as such we will have 30 plus people in a pretty confined area so please if you are not feeling well we ask that you stay home and with QLD Vax restriction changes coming into effect today our preference would be for all adults to be at least single dose Vaxed, however we will not be making this a requirement to attend. I am not looking for this to become a whole discussion as I know everyone can have strong opinions on QLD gov and how the whole Covid and Vax situations are handed, but pinball is not the place for that. Be it right or wrong at the end of the day our intent is just for everyone to be safe, healthy and have a great time at Xmas HB. Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday.
  2. For those that will ask about game list. We generally keep it as a surprise in the spirit of Xmas. However it will most likely be out of this list, unless something breaks.. lol Twilight Zone Whirlwind Deadpool LE Tron LE Roadshow Mando LE Farfella Alien Swords of Fury STTNG GB LE For those that don't know there is 17 now here in total so no shortage of others to play, god only knows where we would put an 18th. lol Creature AFMR LE MBR LE MMR LE Guardians LE CV Not a chance of that Sarah @FireFly is already got all the makings..
  3. Who is brining Kids to the Xmas HB. Just trying to work out total numbers for the Santa gifts so no one misses out.
  4. Yep we are all friends here mate. But it is just the way you put things in writing. It can come across the wrong way and I know you are not trying to do that. I can't tell you the hours I have spend on the software because it had numerous bugs etc running finals and I was in touch heaps with the Dev. oh and I pay for the subscription myself. I am not asking or expecting thanks for what I do, I do it because it has to be done and I am happy to help. But I don't then go and say well I do more then most.. I know what you are trying to say, but it is just the way you put it. All you needed to say is I have got a lot on my plate at the moment so I won't have the time to run it. That would have been the end of it all. Anyway not trying to stir the pot mate.... you had asked for any constructive criticism that is my thoughts...
  5. It would be really hard to manage a thread that long. If you were on FB then you can get invited to the event when it is listed. Then you would know straight away. Otherwise the best option is what @Nicolas Noben said.. Just subscribe to the entire pinball comp forum and you will get an email whenever a new topic is made. That way you would not miss it. Ultimately with us all doing this as a side gig to our full time jobs there is no perfect solution that will suit everyone.
  6. Yea hate to say it but I have been a lot less active on AA since the demise of TT. Nothing at all against @Arcade King as I realise the challenges Trav was was facing getting it to work which ultimately lead to him removing it. He put so much work into the new updated form and the browser experience is great and I have not issues with it. For me it just comes down to one thing. Push notifications. Even this thread I wouldn't have seen had it not have been pointed out. I just don't have time to be on the browser to keep tabs on all the threads. I know all the reasons why it is a better experience and I agree with that. However, when you are running a business and are as time poor as I am, it is just so much quicker and easier skim through my phones push notifications and see exactly what is happening in the AA word. You can see important updates as they happen and if you want to read it it is a single click.
  7. For the record, just so there is no confusion. This is how ties are broken in HouseBall, it was the same as last year also. Any ties in finals is broken automatically based on your qualifying position. There are no tie playoffs and none of that stupid 1 ball game crap. No ones hard work should come down to one ball. This gives a benefit for players that did well during qualifying, which is hard work. But then don't get screwed in finals if they happen to have one bad game. In the case of Saturday Night. Rusty qualified 1st. So when there was a 3 way tie he came out in front as he top qualified Same thing happened to me last year I qualified 2nd and Elvis finished first. But in finals we were tied so Elvis won the comp. Also the system will drop your 2 worst tournaments when calculating your season results. This means that you could miss up to 2 tournaments in a year and still be in the running to win the trophy. Makes it a fairer and more enjoyable houseball for all. FYI. I am yet to update Match Play with the finals results from Saturday night.
  8. The way tiebreakers are worked out is based on highest seed in qualifying. So lets say you came 2nd in quality and went to playoffs. You then had a tie with the person that came 4th in qualifying then you would win the tie breaker. This eliminates the need for a play off game or the random 1 ball game. In effect if gives the person who performed best overall on the day a slight advantage in breaking tiebreakers A lot of people also ask how are the points awarded, is it based on finals, not your qualifying position. This applies to A grade playoffs only. So if say you finished 4th in qualifying and made it to finals but then you won finals, you will get 100 points. Other points to note is your 1 worst game of the day doesn't count and for the season rankings your bottom two worst scores don't count. This allows you to miss a HB or 2 and not instantly be out of the running.
  9. Epic game. But so pissed..lol Didn't realise that they have not coded in BATTLE THANOS yet. So I like had all the gems completed everything and was like WTF where is THANOS!!....lol Ended up having to trap up and google to find out what to do next and yep no THANOS.. Oh well something to look forward to. Was still a great game. 3 ball factory Code is .95
  10. Here they are. I got 1 x 10ft https://www.ebay.com/itm/Monoprice-USB-A-to-Mini-B-2-0-Cable-5-Pin-28-24AWG-Gold-Plated-Black-10ft/232322160789?hash=item36177ad895:g:Wk8AAOSwPbBf2HG4 and 3 x 6ft https://www.ebay.com/itm/Monoprice-USB-A-to-Mini-B-2-0-Cable-5-Pin-28-24AWG-Gold-Plated-Black-6ft/372824669293?hash=item56ce14fc6d:g:7fEAAOSwfmFf2HG-
  11. I will try to track them down and let u know.
  12. 3 ball factory .95 collected all the gems and got to battle royal.. that did a stupid thing and drained grrrrrrrrrr
  13. Sorry just saw this. Mine has been fine. Main thing I did was replace all the USB cables with good quality ones which fixed all the odd little issues. PF has been fine no wear Plastics are perfect
  14. Oh and if anyone is brining kids or wants to swim bring your togs.. Only rule NO DT's...no one should be subjected that that! See ya all tomorrow.
  15. Hey all. Just a little thing I want to throw out there.. but is really important. There as been a few spikes of Ronna and while QLD is dodging it again I don't want to take any chances. Especially going into Xmas. I just want to remind everyone that if you are not feeling well PLEASE Stay home. We will have hand sanitiser here. I am going to ask that everyone does the right thing and use it. I am sure there is nothing to worry about. BUT I would rather be safe then sorry. Finally, it is Xmas and I want to be the nice guy. So please all you bozo's do the right thing and don't force me to be an asshole at my own house ball... LOL It is gonna be a great night!.
  16. Just like xmas the games list is a surprise. you will find out tomorrow. :)
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