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  1. Good luck getting it sorted. Really enjoy building up the bonus on this game and it's a classic layout!
  2. I have a mate that has a buck hunter arcade but single player only. Says it's worth $1000. He thinks about selling it now and then. Not sure if they sell for less than that...
  3. Hey Doug. There is a national regulator for refrigerant handling. So need a national licence to handle refrigerant (including mount and piping the units) And then some states have a local regulator and licence (qld has one but SA does not) It is more about them cashing in than stopping people releasing gases into ozone. But technically yes it illegal and against at least a federal law about ozone emissions. Funny how you can open a mechanical workshop and work on cars etc without qualifications but can't put up an air con on your own property. But your work is still fantastic mate and the air con works great in the games room! Check out these installs:
  4. Can't be in front of the switchboard like that these days. Since Jan 2019 there is a rule is as3000. Seen rougher installs though. And also the isolator rule now applies to all air cons even if near switchboard or not.
  5. It's a great Alvin G pin. Made by David Gottliebs son.
  6. Als garage band goes on tour is a great theme. Anyone got one of those?
  7. Hi Rob. I have some rollovers somewhere. If you can tell me how many you need I will chase them up for you. Might have a kickout hole mech as well. Pm your email address and i can send photos when I find the bits. Edit - just saw you have a kickout mech oops
  8. Gotta say I enjoy a fully restored better than new machine. Shining up all the metal and reproducing those rusted out bits is good fun. Hopefully some restorations will last another 50-100 years.
  9. I've got one here you can have for free. Just gotta find it. PM sending now.
  10. Under the bed with heavy books or something similar on them works for me
  11. Haunted House weighs 298lbs which is 135kgs. Really enjoy your stories from back in the day Steve. You should write a book.
  12. Bgresto has made roller disco but the mirror effect is replaced with a silver colour. Still looks fantastic.
  13. Low production game only 885 made! I've never seen it before but reminds me of Gottlieb space orbit which I enjoyed playing.
  14. Best game ever:) taking it to the retirement village with me...
  15. Found a guy in the USA that reproduces the blue display tape that goes on system 1 backglasses. Not sure if anyone has tried to reproduce this locally. A sheet of 6 large score display tapes and 3 small ball count display tapes is $14usd, excluding postage. Pinside member is 80spit. I dont need any but thought people may want to organise a group buy.
  16. Steve you have a great memory mate. Gotta love the stories you have and the history. Photo April 1987. Earthquake was December 1989.
  17. I turned a 20c mech into a $1 seems to work great.
  18. We've ordered replacement connectors. Some of them unavailable but managed to push some in with a flat blade that weren't making connection very well. Still has display and sound issues though. Nobody seemed to mind.
  19. The Amazing Spiderman got a workout and was a popular machine all night. The NBA fastbreak was also popular. You link the machines and get 1minute for the first half to score points. Then at half time you shoot some free throws on the backglass. Then 1 minute for the second half. Was fantastic head to head multiplayer pinball. We need more pinballs with this link option.
  20. They are drinking machines. I swear they are not human. Great night again.the stream didnt go very well. Need to build a rig so we can have better camera placements. Will put a video up on YouTube later on.
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