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  1. Im keen to attend. Any other SA boys wanna come with me?
  2. Hey just saw this very hard to navigate AA these days. I'm keen as long as there's no nazi government stopping me in or out or covid rules etc. Any dates should work as long as I have plenty of notice.
  3. Wind and solar and batteries? Can't run bugger all with that. Unless you send all industry overseas where they will use coal to make your EV car. If you don't want nuclear I can't understand how the nation will function without coal or gas. Maybe you can get on a fitness pedal bike and charge your car if that makes you feel like your saving the world. The world isn't going to end. Get off the ABC.
  4. Just get the Cleopatra for 3.5k you will love it
  5. Good work Doug. You are like rocky you never give up! Another machine hopefully saved!
  6. Sounds normal to me. What fool sold that power supply to you? Must be a dodgy unit/seller...
  7. In Europe they are using refrigerants that contain propane / butane. Because the charge is very low it isn't as dangerous as you'd think. Air cons ducted and split now mostly use R32 refrigerant. It is a blend that contains some propane or butune I forget which one and is classed as mildly flammable. Replaces r410a by just getting some r410a and adding flammable gasses, then charge 30% more because it's eco friendly... Not a cowboy that's the way the Industry is going. Cars are now coming out with a newer refrigerant that will phase out r134a. It is called r1234yf (not joking)- and guess what? Its better for the environment supposedly but is just a blend containing propane/butane with a bit less r134a. And you guessed it, is much more expensive.
  8. Good luck getting it sorted. Really enjoy building up the bonus on this game and it's a classic layout!
  9. I have a mate that has a buck hunter arcade but single player only. Says it's worth $1000. He thinks about selling it now and then. Not sure if they sell for less than that...
  10. Hey Doug. There is a national regulator for refrigerant handling. So need a national licence to handle refrigerant (including mount and piping the units) And then some states have a local regulator and licence (qld has one but SA does not) It is more about them cashing in than stopping people releasing gases into ozone. But technically yes it illegal and against at least a federal law about ozone emissions. Funny how you can open a mechanical workshop and work on cars etc without qualifications but can't put up an air con on your own property. But your work is still fantastic mate and the air con works great in the games room! Check out these installs:
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