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  1. Haven't been around for a while. The last MM update Dotty handed out late last year was for April. Although he didn't specify a year! I assume it's now Christmas Time.
  2. Dead set insult to a fine German Company.
  3. When the machine boots it will tell you what software revision status it is. If it doesn't have L5 or LH5 or later then the owner has never taken a keen interest in the machine, in which case it won't be regularly serviced. Take a look at the type of batteries on the CPU board. If the batteries are not Duracell or Energizer, then once again the owner is a tight arse and any repairs he has carried out will be rough. WH20 is by far the best playing Williams 1990's pin for the money. WH20 makes it into the top 10 every year on Treasure Coves top 50 pinball list, and yet it sells for the same price as much lesser machines. Enjoy
  4. EOS switchs do nothing on a fliptronics PIN. Apart from being a back up I don't even know why they bothered putting them on there. The high power flipper coil cut off is controlled by circuitry on the Fliptronics board. I would check to see if the wires are on the correct terminals on the flipper coil. Most EOS I see, are not even adjusted properly.
  5. The word Mint seems to have a rather loose definition here. I am yet to see a 1990 Pin in mint condition. I know they are out there. My idea of MINT is clear PF new, overhauled cab with new decals, full mechanical overhaul, ALL new rubbers, Full Cap change on all boards. All new plastic ramps.metal ones chromed, ETC, ETC. If anyone ever see's a mint WH20 for 3.5 or 4K, give me a pm and Id buy it in a heart beat, and resell mine. 2K for a shitter, add 1K for ramps and boulders. Another 1.5K for mechanical and cab rebuild, clear etc. Now you have machine that cost 4.5 K to buy and overhaul, not withstanding the 120 man hours it took to get it to MINT!
  6. buzz66

    Earth Braid

    Here is the cheapest solution. If you can get hold of some good quality 50 or 75 co-axial cable. Like the stuff that goes to your kids TV set. No don't go there! Strip off the outer casing using a Stanley Knife, and then slide the shield away from the inner conductor and there you have it! Bit off bush maintenance for ya
  7. It's not at all uncommon to have Game & sound rom shit themselves. I've had U15 checksum error on my WH20 after I installed a new set of roms. Put the old one back in and away she went. You might get away with removing the chip and reseating it. Make sure you observe good anti-static behaviour. The sockets Williams use are not the greatest. I'm thinking of being a total anal retard and replacing all the Williams IC sockets with good quality gold plated ones. They don't cost much. I have them on all the LM339 chips. The sound boards are very reliable as a whole. Thats why no-one makes an aftermarket board. I have had a problem with LM 1875 Audio amp on one board. They run soo fucking hot I'm surprised they don't blow up more often. Cheap and easy to find chip. Very rarely the electronic pot chip chucks in the towel. E9503 these are also readily available & much cheaper than the chip on the later model board. Time will cause this and other boards to fail by virtue of the Electrolytic Capacitors. Good idea to change them all if you have the time and money.
  8. Sorry to hijack the thread. I have 2 sets of sound roms for my white water and one set says "50 Million" when you get the Wet Willie travelling hazard and the other set says "100 Million" which is the correct one. I assume there are at least 2 different images. Question is which one is the 100 Million one
  9. Good to see, I hope we will see more and more playfields
  10. I'll take one Fully restored FT for 3G. I have spent $700 on ramps alone my WH20. If you took into account $50 per hour for labour & then add the parts, the bloody thing would owe me around 10 grand. It's not finished yet but it's already much much better than new! Its all depends on what you called fully restored. Changing 20 bucks worth of rubbers and light bulbs and a wipe with a rag is something I carry out every 6 months. Some sellers think this amount of work brings an flogged heap of shit back to life!
  11. I watch the "Realestate.com.au" website almost daily. The property's I look at are Gold Coast related so it doesn't speak for the whole country, but houses there below the 1 Million mark have literally stopped selling in the last 3 months. I believe most people Worldwide are a little nervous about blowing coin at the moment and it will stay that way for the next 6 months, while the world watches how much more carnage those greedy fat Americans will cause. It's my belief the US has already been in recession the last 3 months & the lying fucks are just not admitting to it. The Business sector in the US is still largely strong & this will make any recession short & shallow. However inflation will squash any real rise to growth for some years to come in the US. The fear factor (Lemming effect) is what can really hurt, more than the economy itself. This reason alone is why I believe cutting interest rates will not fix the economy, only make it worse further on. Unfortunately when the US farts, the rest of the world gets to smell there rotten fat arse! Pinball prices will follow listed stocks like JB hifi, Clive Anthonys,Harvey Norman ETC, downhill for a while at best! Why? because by far the greatest proportion of pinball owners are not wealthy people. The top end pins IN GOOD CONDTION ONLY will hold value because the very few pinball collectors with no mortgage & or sitting on plenty of cash will always buy what they want when they want. This is why 1 Million dollar plus property's keep going up in price,because the last 6 years have made a lot of Australians very wealthy via property first, & Stock Market second. most people in that market pay cash for a property! Bumper thinks they are going up. He reckons a used Pirates is worth $7,850. Wayne knows they are going down, I see his prices on EBAY are very reasonable. 3 grand for a nice creature seems pretty good to value to me.
  12. RS components are a cheaper source for electronics in Australia. Greater Plains Electronics in the USA has the best range of parts and prices. They ship very cheaply too.
  13. I see the anal retard 'Bob Fesjian" has stopped the online copy of the Maintenance manual for Gottlieb games, what a retard!
  14. Anyone here bought a translite from a bloke in Romania. I don't want to get too specific about and who & how, just in case the "Fun Police" want to fuck things up. If someone has bought one from him, please email or PM me. I would like to know about the quality. Cheers Busby.
  15. I think the last few in the US went around the 8K USD for a new one. I could be wrong but I think this one has been played a few times. Bottom line. Used machine won't fetch more than 10K AUD, absolute max.
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