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  1. Hi and I hope that you enjoy AA
  2. BUMP.... Still searching for a bally Texas Twin
  3. Welcome to AA I hope that you find this most enjoyable
  4. Thank you for posting Marco, this year it was great to see some old friends return to the event & also many new contributors coming to PINFEST for the first time. If you would like to contribute a game to future Pinfest events then visit here: https://pinfest.com.au/contribute-to-pinfest/
  5. That one is a beauty !!!
  6. Its just not the airline prices, this year booking my flights to TAZPIN I was jerked around by Jetstar moving my fight to a different day and then having me wait at Melbourne Airport for 8 1/2 hours. With all of it also affected my accomodation. That was Jetstars second strike and we were not trying for the third, I ruled them out completely, never to fly again with them as I never felt comfortable at all with the booking. Yes I made the trip to TAZPIN, but with a different airline, but flying from Sydney instead of Newcastle, the flight and prices were good and I enjoyed my stay in Tassie.
  7. Akl the best with this restore Tony, it will be very rewarding admiring the work when completed!!
  8. Happy Birthday Grant !!! Best wishes on your most special day Cheers Brett
  9. Welcome to AA enjoy !!!
  10. I have all of my pinballs set to free play. It one less thing not to worry about with the older ones. That being said, some other EM games such as bingos and other amusements I always run on coins
  11. I ordered new side rails for CETK from Jeff @Railways Standard rails finish with nail holes Also I like to use the Stainless Steel Hidden Leg Protectors, its my understanding that the leg is not come in contact with the cab paint, and also when the leg is bolt on it feels so much stronger. Purchased from Nino - RTBB Meanwhile Steve Young has finished with the undercoat on the cabinet. The cabinet receives two coats of undercoat with a sand during and then after. I don't mind the cabinet being painted on the inside, this was not done by the factory. Next base coat and top coat with spatter
  12. Whilst assisting another enthusiast during his restoration, to obtain a NOS "Drop A Card" backglass, from Mayfair Amusements. I elect to purchase a NOS bg for my GTB "Eye of the Tiger". Steve (Mayfair) advises me that he has a NOS CETK bg available and that it would be able to go in the carton with the others. Sadly the white ink around the score displays is cloudy not solid from age, however is so so beautiful. What a decision as mine has very little damage, but where would you find another? ...... Damn it just buy it !!!!
  13. I refurbish the chime set (Spanky from the GoatShed inspecting my work) note that the chimes have a jones plug. I was fortunate that my version of the game, both chimes and soundcard are included. I seriously don't think that I can put up with the soundcard for more than 2 minutes at one time. Currently either the chimes or the sound card must be plugged in, this in the future will be switchable. From IPDB - The game show that the operator was provided a choice of equipping the game with EM chimes or with a System-1 soundboard with speaker to provide electronic sound. Reportedly, either option was at extra cost to the operator. We know this option was provided for other Gottlieb EM games of this time period.
  14. Whilst Steve Young was working on the cabinet work and the base coat of paint, I had been busy. The CETK stencil had arrived from the USA. The extreme postage costs and the AUD is not assisting us in the hobby in Australia. On Inspection of the BG, it is found in really nice condition, and has been sealed, I elect to attempt to repair the very minor damage. The mirroring on the bg is beautiful. The BG on the EM version is different to the SS version. I receive my box of parts from "The Pinball Resource" this includes all new playfield parts which includes a plastics set, posts, drop targets etc. Flipper rebuild, roto target, drop target service kits are also included. As some items are not available from PBR, I also purchase some siamese posts (one needed for spinner) from Rocket City Pinball. I am unsure if I will use one or clean up and bleach the original post. With the assistance of the GoatShed, I had stripped two of three doors to get the best parts ready for highly polishing the Coin door and frame CETK. Graham painted and applied the Apron decal
  15. After all of the repairs, modifications CETK is now ready for undercoat for the cabinet, this will be completed in a Spray booth thats available to Steve. video-1615612562.mp4
  16. Thank you I appreciate the question in this thread. The idea of the thread is to encourage and assist others !!! With the Gottlieb's the corner blocks needed to be manufactured slightly larger (thicker) to accept the new leg tees. Basically a thicker piece of quad will allow the different tees. We found that this vastly improved the cabinet corner strength and also allowed a better connection with the leg bolts. I am now doing this to all of my cabinet restorations or new cab's from Steve. There are different types of these leg tees, and I have found that the more expensive style (as shown) suits very well after making a corner block Cheers Brett
  17. Steve has now completed the cleat installation. Now was time to complete the other required repairs and then a sand of the cabinet. This included a base.
  18. The design of the new cleats or corner blocks was realised and then manufactured. These have been epoxied and stapled back into place, with the new leg tees secured strongly in the cab. Steve, expects the cab now never to break or crack in the corners, and believe that these new tees are more than acceptable in the EM cab's, ok not original but gives the cabinet more integrity and thus massive strength now, he is most happy !!! video-1614815070.mp4 Pictures of the new leg tees installed after cabinet modification From this day on, I have decided to use this style of leg tee in my cab's if doing a restoration
  19. Realisation of the new Heavy Duty leg tees would not suit the original cabinet at all. It also then made the cabinet non original, however expectations of improving the cabinet corner strength was expected and acceptance of the different leg tees was approved. However with the removal of the broken/damaged/cracked cleats, the decision was quickly made to modify the new cleats so as the cab accepts the new leg tees was quickly agreed on !!! Now to design to new cleats !!!!
  20. Steve Young, was able to identify the split cleats, these all would be replaced. Then, the bogged up section of the rear of cab revealed some atrocities even with a washer in amongst the bog Steve was able to clean up all of the cabinet internal corners. I was thinking at this time what can i do to ensure that the cabinet corners could be strengthened and I had found some of the "Heavy duty" brackets from RTBB and then sent Steve Young the standard and heavy duty leg tees for his inspection and possible installation when ready.
  21. Steve Young was able to get straight to work, assessing the CETK cabinet. From the previous inspections, the many hidden issues were found with the cab. Asx I had previously stated this was a game that was never leaving my stable, so it was now time to give it the justice. As you can see the bog used in the corner with the leg tee.
  22. After removing the playfield to be ready for restoration and during the installation of the stepdown transformer (as the machine was from USA) it was noted that the structural integrity of the cabinet was somewhat compromised. My preference is if a good patina or better is on the cabinet, then it should stay in place. However it was realised that the cabinet would need to go to Steve Young - Cabinet Maker at the Central Coast NSW for necessary repairs. This created an issue as stencils for the artwork had not been created as yet. The pattern itself is fairly easy to make your own stencils, but with my own list of restorations this was not one I was planning to do !! I had noted that some other enthusiasts has repainted CETK cabinets for SS machines, however and sadly not much help was given to me, even one guy wanting to sell me his stencils for $1K, are you serious I thought !!! With the backlog of machines I am trying to complete, and even with Graham McGuiness (GoatShed) help and guidance we just could not complete the task with our limited time. I reached out to Jeff Miller - Pinball Pimp to see if he could make me a set of stencils for CETK. With a green light from Jeff Miller all I had to do was to scan the cab and send the files to him. With the assistance, help and guidance from a really good friend the cab as scanned ready for Jeff. Using a flatbed scanner and overlaying scans of the cab/headbox were all completed. The images were stitched together as proof of a successful task being completed. I was right to send the Pimp a host of files. Jeff Miller's expertise was able to create stencils from 50 odd scans of the machine. Knowing now that I can easily recreate the art then the cabinet can go for the necessary repairs with Steve Young.
  23. Many of you have read the topic of the Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (CETK) and the playfield "high end" restoration by Tim Reid - Hot Rodded Pins. This thread is for the completion restoration of the machine. When I purchased the machine in the USA back in 2017 it was my understanding that the cabinet was in acceptable condition. Ok yes, it had some paint loss, abrasions etc, but overall it was still nice. The machine arrived safe from the USA and the described condition was realised. The idea of having the playfield restored was realised and has now been completed by Hot Rodded Pins.
  24. Welcome and enjoy your time on AA Did you get to Pinfest this year ??
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