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  1. Last one that I know of went for $26K. Not that long ago either. That is too much coin for a game in my opinion.
  2. What models are you after and how much are you thinking about spending?
  3. Hey Doug, If you get stuck and cannot find originals, you can take a USB with the files below to Officeworks and they will print and bind copies for you. Bally_1992_The_Addams_Family_Operations_Manual_January_1992_includes_schematics_OCR_searchable.pdf (ipdb.org) Bally_1992_The_Addams_Family_Operator_s_Handbook_January_1991_OCR_searchable_has_lamp_and_switch_matrices.pdf (ipdb.org) Bally_1992_The_Addams_Family_WPC_Schematic_Manual_January_1992_OCR_searchable.pdf (ipdb.org) Good luck.
  4. We use Ammonia free glass gleaner. You can use Ammonia free Windex or we have found the most economical variety at Aldi. 50/50 Isopropyl Alcohol / Water is the best but I cannot be assed making it all the time. If you have used normal Windex on the glass already, the world has not ended. Use the Ammonia free cleaned to completely remove the Windex and you should be fine. The Ammonia takes ages to etch the non reflective coating off. The glass is coated on both sides so you can turn it over as well.
  5. Nearly everything in Pinball is rehashed. Do you have any new ideas? Some people choose to love, some people choose not too. I think the game looks amazing. Congrats to all the new owners in Australia.
  6. Stern also bring out plenty of other titles to keep people happy. I think RUSH will be a cracking game and I am looking forward to seeing what people think of thew game in Australia.
  7. You can try. Chrome T-Molding I believe the size is 3/4. We have used them a few times. Good luck.
  8. Woo.. That is insane pricing. I do not think pricing like this is any good for the hobby. Hopefully supply will catch up with demand soon. I think Stern will make another version of the game. They would be crazy not to. Good luck with your search!
  9. Did you manage to get the LE for sale this week? I see you were asking on a different thread.
  10. I know a guy and he keeps telling me this is the best game.. ever!
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