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  1. @thegrunta666, Here's the solution to your GotG issue. 🙂
  2. I assume it was Interloy with the $200 minimum? If your really lucky, Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube may have some. Or you can get extra fancy and get brass rod from George White.
  3. We can do it for you @spaceballs. Either bring it along to the Bayside pinball meet on Thursday or message me for the address in Carrum Downs.
  4. You've covered the main games I can think of. Beat Sabre, Pistol Whip, Space Pirate Trainer and Arizona Sunshine would be the most used of those listed with my mates. I'd also recommend: - Blue Effect - A very atmospheric wave shooter. It's the one I use when 1st demoing VR to friends. Good for a scare too. One female friend almost burst my eardrum. - VR Sports Challenge - Has a few sport games including Gridiron, Basketball & Ice Hockey. Hilarious to watch friends dive around thinking they are Ice Hockey goalies. - iBCricket - Excellent cricket simulator - I Expect You To Die - A puzzle / Adventure style game - Operation Warcade - Like the arcade game but with VR effects - Knockout League - Arcade style boxing - Richie's Plank Experience - Set it up with a plank of wood on the ground - You'll be amazed how hesitant people will be to walk (or even refuse to walk) the plank when they feel it is 50m in the air And the best of the lot, SUPERHOT. Matrix style game where bullets / weapons only move when you do.
  5. Am I missing something regarding making this full size? How is it any better than running the Daphne emulator (along with the other disc images such as Space Ace) in a MAME cabinet?
  6. With your new gate, I think I'm within 25m now. :-) I can be your one visitor for the day. S will love it. :D
  7. So when are you selling these? And what's the installation cost? :D
  8. Oooooooh! She who must be obeyed should be obeyed. :-) Council be damned.
  9. Must be so many ball jokes to go with that pic but can't frickin think of one. :unsure Disappointed with your paths though. Why isn't there one from the gate across the the grass so I have paved access from my factory? I might get muddy shoes now. :realmad::lol
  10. Why are the leds in groups of three? That's unusual. PMPL
  11. P.S. How did you get to be Grand Champion on Deadpool?????? :o I'm going to have to use that new gate next week assuming Comrade Dan allows us out of solitary confinement. :D
  12. You're welcome. ROFL. Your time was worth it. Looks awesome. My Guardians awaits. :D
  13. Very impressive as always. You just need a bigger shed to put it in. :D For reference for when I eventually get around to making mine, can you post a closeup pic of how you joined the neon strip ends together after splitting them? Thanks mate.
  14. Me? It's you who plans on dropping your balls into his eyes. :lol
  15. @thegrunta666: "Teddy" is here. You just need to pay the ransom to have him released. :-)
  16. @thegrunta666, You could try National Industries in Campbellfield. Ph. 03 8301 1400 Haven't brought any from them in a few years though. Last lot we got was from Blackwoods, as suggested by others. Unfortunately for you, we don't even have any offcuts left. :-(
  17. Steve Richie sent a message: Play better. :) Don't you have enough projects on the go? :o Unlike most of them, this one's not for me mate.
  18. LOL! If only you had a more reliable supplier you would have more to show. Hopefully soon. :unsure BTW, I'm expecting something like rotating holographic images for the next preview. :D
  19. On the off chance there is more than 2 of us in Australia with this pinball machine, here is the instruction card in pdf format, suitable for printing.Tiger Rag Instruction Cards.pdf
  20. I have a decent copy in Word or pdf format if you're looking for someone other than myself @Rich. Will attach a copy when at work Monday. Cheers mate.
  21. These look great, and are probably harder wearing than powdercoating. Parts we do for Mercedes trucks and the V'Locity trains specify 2-pac wet paint and similar for those located in highly abrasive areas. Cost is generally 3 times that of powdercoating though. Also depends on the colour, as the more common colours like gloss black and satin white will be cheaper as they'll do them as part of a standard run, whereas reds and blues for example will need to have the line setup just for that colour.
  22. @Budgie. Isn't this something we made for one of your restorations (El Dorado I think)?
  23. "I think this gonna be a 2 to 3 year project !" - I admire your optimism. :laugh: The Kaos ramp looks great when lit like that. How did you achieve the "fire" effect?
  24. @thegrunta666 . Cleland's sound mod on GotG is awesome.
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