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  1. Black Knight is a blast, no matter what pins Stern bring out you are risking it with quality issues. Some are poorly made and pass thru QA because they hire blind employees. - Con
  2. Sheeesh some mild chipping and screen burn on that buety, 2k is my final offer..... - Con
  3. Billy's a cool cat and is an asset to the pinball community. - Con
  4. Not a bad game, swapped it for Iron Maiden? - Con
  5. Haha hey hey watch ya ******* lingo mate, think of the children :p - Con
  6. Anyone know one that is available or selling? - Con
  7. How low can the LEs go now, they won't be worth much with these new releases coming out. - Con
  8. I read ya posts and say far out, you are very talented. Thank you very much for the updates. - Con
  9. Think about the resale value when buying a machine OP, Stern's typically hold its value most of the time ACDC rocks [emoji869] - Con
  10. Thanks for the link, does this look like $15,500 worth of fun? - Con
  11. That's all up plus whatever shipping fees, 3 are coming into AUD. Pretty sure they are sold out. I'll add this, yes you can buy whatever game one wants, you do not get anything fancy on the Signature Edition from the LE Edition. It's waaaaaay to much IMHO. - Con
  12. With 32 LE's and 3 Signature Editions landing in AUD this price increase will need to stop otherwise people will not be purchasing any machine from any distributor. These older games that have been released over the years is most probably within peoples price range now and not these new games, disappointing as it is just a game. - Con
  13. No they haven't mate, only chipped PFs - Con
  14. Let me grab my beer so that I can read ya mini novel [emoji2957] - Con
  15. Mr Poker, If you had an opportunity to purchase a game that you might be interested ( new release ) in what would it be? - Con
  16. Sheesh you definitely have some questions lol However the 4th to last question, whenever you turn ya head and see a pinball in ya house then that's too many. (me) 3rd to last, no way! 2nd to last, miracles can happen mate Last question, we can see lol - Con - - - Updated - - - What if a SLE, LE and Premium is only made. SLE's will sell out quickly based on the Batman 66 SLE's that came into Australia. ( 3 ) The the LE's will sell as per normal. - Con
  17. Hope that they will be adding more toys that what I currently see. - Con
  18. Sup, After Burner II by Sega does rock, anyone with some tips on how to play this game without bombing out within the 1st round. Gotta love the music and visuals on this. Some of the music in the game play for the people who may of not played one. https://project2612.org/details.php?id=278 - Con
  19. This time next month you pin heads will see Billy in his new massive fat ass van, gonna look shmick. - Con
  20. OMG A PANTERA SOLO! [emoji869] - Con
  21. Looking sexy mate, happy that you have got this resolved coz these things aren't cheap :) - Con
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