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  1. Hey, Forgot about this ad haha I have sent you a PM. - Con
  2. @Womble picked up a few non working boards recently, he may be able to assist. - Con
  3. Hi, Love fixing the Williams boards! The Williams ribbon cables are notorious for having issues. Remove the ribbon cable that goes to the I/O board ( interface board ) this is your control board and re seat the cable. The header pins ( the white plastic with the metal pins coming out ) get rusty over the years and lose connection. ps remove the ribbon end that goes to the CPU main board also and re seat that ( other end of the ribbon cable ) Let me know how you get along. - Con
  4. Whats rhe file? Chip it over and ill print it for you. - Con
  5. I setup up a test bench and needed a control panel, was being a tight ass so I made one. - Con
  6. Hey, My $150 S-993A de solder gun has shit itself twice! I am looking at a decent de soldier gun that will last longer than 1 month, can anyone recommend one for me and why they recommend it please. I do not care what I spend, something that will last longer than a few months. I am liking the Hakko range of guns. Thanks - Con
  7. @Ryza I didn't know Ryan was in the band - Con
  8. Pretty sure no one can simply send you ROMS for obvious reasons, you can download a whole heap from the net. Link shows you how to install them onto the SD card. https://arpicade.com/installation-and-configuration-v3-7/ You can download a 128GB version of the SD card, NO game roms are on the SD card as you need to download them. https://arpicade.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13 New version of Arpicade found here. https://arpicade.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1974 Tip - Mame 1.72 is the most stable, so find 1.72 ROMs and install that into the mame 1.72 folder Hope that helps. - Con
  9. Another inspirational post @Smithy Morbid Angel sterns next pin, you in? - Con
  10. This teaser has been running for 44 years haha - Con
  11. What are the current prices, do we know? - Con
  12. Billy just left mine and is heading to Vic now. - Con
  13. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/p...-heard-of-them It's been discussed here. - Con
  14. From his FAQ https://arpicade.com/faq/ Do I need to safely shutdown the board in any way? I recommend exiting a game so as you are at the game menu before shutting down your cabinet. It should not be necessary to run a shutdown script as while at the game menu there are no writes to the SD card to be interrupted to corrupt the card. If you make changes to your systems settings I recommend a shutdown or reboot to ensure those changes are written to the SD card. (but have a backup just in case things go bad some day) For me when I am done playing I enter the service menu and choose shut down, when the unit LED goes out on the Raspberry I turn off the arcade most probably an overkill. - Con
  15. It sure is, coin mechs should work with the default settings. Here is a fantastic guide by the creator. https://arpicade.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=619 - Con
  16. When you decompress an image of an 8GB card, it will decompress as an 8GB drive regardless of what size your memory card is. Follow this guide here so that you can expand the memory card size so that you.can have lots of room to add ROMs etcs http://aha-forums.com/wp/2018/02/02/how-to-setup-arpicade-updates-for-larger-16gb32gb64gb-memory-cards/ - Con
  17. Howdy, I would update the softwsre that you are using to V 3.9. https://arpicade.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1517 Inside the update you'll find a readme file on how to use and configure the software. Mame 0.172 is the most stable, make sure you that are using the correct verion mame game and place that version in the corresponding mame folder. When booting Arpicade it scans for games by defualt, check these setting by pressing F1 on startup. Hope that helps you alittle. - Con
  18. I was going to welcome you back to the forum, love seeing new and existing people jump online, have fun etc only to find out it's Mendoza! Hopefully you'll never be an admin here, it's run pretty dam good here. You could take some notes. - Con
  19. Have a thumbs up for the best forsale description in 2020 � - Con
  20. Camera footage available at ya house or neigbours that could help identify the pricks? - Con
  21. Chicken schnitty, beer what now you have my undivided attention, you are welcome to play my games anytime. ps bring beer - Con
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