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  1. Thank you, forsure some of the best games made on that platform. - Con
  2. Hi guys, Made here in Adelaide these Jamma Adapters will allow you to play old school game boards in a Jamma arcade. Each adapter lists the games that will suit the games needed to play. Please check your Jamma pinout before purchasing. Cost $25 shipped anywhere in Australia. Capcom Classic Konami Midway Galaxian Midway Pacman Namco Galaxian Nichibutsu Terra Cresta Phoenix 1942 Crazy Kong, Crazy Eyes, Falcon, Rock Ola Pengo Rally-X Sega16 Falcon Galaga More to come. Thanks - Con
  3. Hi guys, As new machine, HUO only. Many mods included. - Playfield protector installed, complete cliffy set, red pinball leg bots, Medisinyl Mods Mech Gargoyle/Casket set with custom wording, Gonk's Dog House (with grass flasher piece), 2-piece grass set for the front flashers, Elvira's House of Horrors Shooter Knob, Topper, coin door sticker, red plastic protector set, purple titan rubbers. I am located in Adelaide and am happy to work with your preferred shipper. $24,950 Thanks for looking. - Con
  4. I am fairly sure we have met twice lol 😛 - Con
  5. Aww thanks guys, much love to you all. - Con
  6. Hi Charlie, I am rebuilding one of these, can I ask and if you don't mind having a look for me or if anyone one else can assist. Capacitor 414 which is located next to the HA11235 IC401, any chance that I can get the value of the C414? I am thinking it's a 470uf 25V however not much space for this size or is it a 1uf 50v? I have attached a pic. Thanks - Con
  7. Sure why not. $25, if that works for you flick me a PM. - Con
  8. Hey, Got a ton of Jamma adapters made. - Con
  9. Following up on this thread, purchased myself some Kleanium circuit board cleaner to try out. I did not use it in a Ultrasonic cleaner, sprayed some Klenium with a spray bottom and gently used a soft brush to help clean the grime and crap off the pcb. The smaller boards have turned the green mask milky whereas the game pcb board is perfect and looks brand new which of course is the desired outcome. Any pointers on how I can get the milky small boards back to a nice green mask, I do have a small Ultrasonic cleaner, perhaps placing the smaller pcbs into the Ultrasonic cleaner would help return them back to a nicer green. I used an eraser to remove some of the milky effect as you can see on a smaller board, it will take ages and I will need to remove the sockets, which need replacing anyways. How do I prevent some pcbs turning milky? Thanks - Con
  10. Perfect in every way! Mods include are - Interactive Undercab LED kit - Interactive Backbox LED kit - Interactive LED speaker light Kit + Speaker Plastic logo - The above have been purchased from Pinball Refinery which is interactive with the sounds/game and not with a remote control - Mirror Blades - IronMan Head shooter rod - Factory fitted items also include, shaker motor, Metal apron ( not plastic ) and the large support rails not those little dicky ones. - Complete Cliffy Protector - Complete Pinbit Plastic Protector set - Led lit Whiplash with EL wire whips - Drone Mod figurine - Pop bumper cap mods with leds - Iron Man Tan Drone figure with LED built in - Mylar around flipper buttons to prevent wear of cabinet - Led strips added front of apron and behind back PF panel - Topper with sound module that interacts when sound/voice is triggered - TimeBandits Stern's real knocker - https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/to...er-kit-for-you - Stunning Candy Red powder coating Legs, rails, lock bar, backbox hinges shooter rod housing and gold leg bolts - Sticker Mod on the Monger plastic lid - Colour DMD $11,250 - Con
  11. Step away from the computer @Smithy you don't want an over priced piece of plastic. - Con
  12. I gotta whole lotta love. - Con
  13. Awesome, happy days! Have you tried cleaning the header pins, tried another interface board or tested the board? - Con
  14. Sup, Sucks not having a working game, I have a few Interface boards with me that work and I have rebuilt. What if you PM me your address then I can send you up a spare board for you to try, chip over some coin to my PayPal and I can send it via postal service? If it works then sweet, we can work something out maybe send me the non working board or something. What ever is easy for you. Or anyone in Vic can help out? - Con
  15. Yuk battery acid on that board, needs a proper clean or bin it. If the I/O board is unplugged and you are seeing the same errors chances are that your main big CPU board isn't reading the interface board. Try this for me please, use a brush or very fine sand paper and gently clean the PIN headers at 1J2 pic attached. I have replaced the all the headers on all my boards because after 40 years they turn to shit. Have you tested and or changed the capacitor on the I/O board? Have you tried another I/O board, it is good to have spares around to quickly test and fix. I use these - https://www.jaycar.com.au/20-pin-idc-locking-vertical-header/p/PP1140 If you lived in Adelaide I would of swung past and fixed this for you mate. - Con
  16. Haha, this is the mini version you should see the Deluxe model....bloody hell painful. - Con
  17. No money needed mate, flicking you my address. - Con
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