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  1. Hey look my old machine, ah the memories. Super clean machine this one, I can see that a few mods has been added to the game. Kick ass sound track on the game, I changed all the LED's to Comet LEDs to give it that sexy look which it works well. The playfield is perfect and so is everything else on this game including that chrome coin door. Has the external headphone speaker kit installed on the coin door so you can hear the audio in super quality. Good luck with the sale mate, definitely a sexy game. - Con
  2. It's dodgy looking, I have it connected to a switching power supply on my test bench, works but doesn't look neat. Flick me a PM if you like and I'll see what setup you have you have and maybe I can help out. - Con
  3. Wha thaaaa, mate this is frick'n awesome for someone who said that they can't do it! When you are finished let me send you a few projects 🙂 It's really well done. - Con
  4. Thank you fellas, abeswick has reached out to me. - Con
  5. Are your boards burnt or just not working? Can have them rebuilt here in Adelaide or have 3 amplifiers rebuilt ready to go. If this is something you like to do, flick me a PM and I'll guide you into the right direction. - Con
  6. They look awesome, happy the way they turned out! Anyone wanting the .STL file to print these here is the link. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3592200 4 inches or 10cm in length will do, 100 percent infill with whatever colour you want. - Con
  7. @Macca101010 Batman™ Cowl 76182 | DC | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop AU add to cart and proceed to checkout haha - Con
  8. Hey mate, Unfortunately I don't sorry, I made one with a edge connector for my test bench and connected it to a external Audio Amp to repair my game MC boards. Would be fairly early to make one if you need a jamma setup. - Con
  9. Guys, My crappy de soldering gun kept crapping out, went and purchased a Hakko FR-410. It's unbelievable, removes components perfectly with the right temperature settings and it sucks like its never sucked before lol Anyone looking at getting one of these wont be disappointed, thanks to the previous comments. - Con
  10. Have a great day, happy birthday! - Con
  11. Hey, Added 5 new Jamma Adapters to the 1st post. 1942, Crazy Eyes/Kong Falcon RockOla, Pengo, Rally-X, Sega16. - Con
  12. Looking great, you've progressed a fair bit in a short period of time. - Con
  13. Okay that's cool, so my eyes are okay then haha. Thanks for the heads up, have a good one. - Con
  14. Hey, Cool site, would love to support a local business, can I ask are you selling the Apocalypse's Sega System 16B Multi kit or am I blind and can't see this product available. I am assuming that I can order it only from www.arcade-projects.com at this stage? Thanks mate. - Con
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