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  1. drguild's post in Astro City - refurb tech questions etc was marked as the answer   
    I don't know exactly all the functionality until I put hardware in and work out stuff so it will be done after the main cabinet project is finished and hardware same as other things I want to go.
    Basically I want a headphone socket, usb plugs, and buttons for computer power, service, coin etc mby a dedicated shift button to double up stuff.
    This is for flexibility to be able to plug in game controllers and other usb devices, headphones at late night and easy coin and other access without shift keys on the main buttons and so I can be a bum and not have to leave a door underneath always open with the panel with all this stuff just inside for plugging in things turning on/off the pc etc or open the actual cp multiple times a day for buttons under it.
    All this in the size of and under the 100 yen sticker which from quickly looking theres enough space for this.
    Being a home user it's just a easily accessible, usability and flexibility thing and bringing the cab into modern times for multiple purposes same as either modifying or making a new power panel at the back with a network port and toslink cable port etc for extra stuff.
    Panel is planned to be built into the top of the cp with a flip up lid with the 100 yen sticker on the outside so it'll look normal outside as its recessed anyway and kinda looks the part, the panel lock screw holes nothing will change there and be under the panel still as there's plenty of space and it's just moulding so from the under CP there will more of a moulded box there with wires coming out with the panel latch under it which is a square or oblong plate as is.
    Just inside the CP I am going to have dip switches inline to turn on/off the buttons in the panel so I could disable the computer power button on it if wanted or the coin service buttons etc.
    Its the best area for doing this due to moulding the latch and the 100 yen sticker.
    Originally I was going to use the game card area as a hidden panel but as soon as I saw it knew it couldn't be done, I did see someone build a box over there game card panel with a small kb / trackpad mouse in it and routed through the hole underneath which could easily be removed back to stock so some creative thinking there but doesn't blend well with the outside case look nor is it hidden.
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