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  1. I have a interesting situation. I got some VGA plugs and wired up my Ultracade Video Converter. Tried the Dip switches on the UVC and here are my findings through the J-Pac. Modes through J-Pac, 6 on / 7 on / 8 on - signal 6 on / 7 on / 8 off - no signal on monitor 6 on / 7 off / 8 off - no signal on monitor 6 off / 7 on / 8 off - signal 6 off / 7 off / 8 off - signal Direct all modes work though the H Sync Polarity may be artifacting a little. 24khz EGA through the UVC the J-Pac won't recognise. So appears its the H Sync Polarity from the input that needs to be negative through the J-Pac when Sync is separated. Whether I can get through the active HDMI and CRT Emu driver I don't know.
  2. You misunderstood the post haha. Monitor is fine all trisync frequencies 15/24/31 PC was set to 31k when I did the test but even at 15k it's the same fine direct but no signal though the J-PAC, I can do another video of that if you want but it's the same result. The J-PAC is built to work on Trisync frequencies through the harness not just 15k. The box your seeing and thinking is a converter is just a dsub 15 port that's wired direct to the Jamma edge connector. This works as I can run a Pandora Box CX fine through this connector to the monitor.
  3. Its rough but this shows what's going on. At the end is the PC direct to the monitor. Its not the cable from the Jamma edge connector as that is fine with a Pandora box. Here is the resolution the monitor is detecting direct from PC. Even at 15k there's no display through the J-PAC.
  4. I'll double check tomorrow, bit I think both the green and orange ones are on all the time. The USB is powered from the of bit even when the of is running there's no signal from the J-PAC.
  5. I have a J-Pac but cant seem to get monitor throughput when direct to the arcade monitor works. Wondering if there's someone here in Perth that can test my J-Pac for me comparing it to theirs so I can get it replaced if its faulty. Message me if you can do so, I am in Armadale. Thanks
  6. I've been doing a lot of work on cables and testing the monitor I'll show soonish. But I need someone to test a J-PAC as it's not working for me the video filtering. PC direct to monitor is fine via J-PAC is no image at all. I'm in Armadale WA and can give it anyone that's willing to test it for me . Hope to hear from someone willing to test.
  7. I took the monitor into Jomac last Monday and he fixed it, turned out the neckboard got a bit knocked around in storage all these years. Should be picking it up this afternoon. Sorry I missed the earlier messages need to check notification settings on the new site. I came down sick over a week ago and Monday after getting back from Jomac was really bad for the last week but starting to feel a little better. As for depression it's not the best, being sick, not many friends etc just gets to you. I started writing up the control panel properly now I have the led kit. More work on that since the photo was taken I hot glued the sleeving to the CP and finished a couple connectors. This below is the LEDs temp wired to test before I start on the short links you can see where those go above. And I hot glued the end of the harness. So progress is happening and it seems everything I'm doing I'm just adding more and more and it's taking longer, but one connector etc at a time and I'm moving forward towards the goal which is the main thing.
  8. Checked the connectors etc still same issue with the monitor.
  9. I emailed Joemac as the test wasn't the best on monitor. Stream was a mix of whoops forgot to turn on the power supply and now I have some picture on monitor but the monitor needs sorting. Monitor has a static sound at the back and this on the screen. Clips of the monitor problem below. First one is Dottorikun start screen. Here its my PS2 .Hack Quarantine on the Ultimarc PS2 Multisync cable.
  10. So about the power on tomorrow. It's still happening.. Will be on my Twitch and interactive where you can talk to me on my discord. I had hoped to have it more complete by this stage, so I'll be testing using my PS2 and J-PAC if I can get that working. Also to note I'm sick again, this tine with tonsillitis and have a swollen throat and light mucous and sleep is affected. So I don't know how long I'll be streaming for and my presentation isn't going to be the best. But I plan to give a powerup of the monitor a go.
  11. Input wiring ready for Saturdays testing. I have checked the voltages with my multimeter and input and output are fine, 117V out from the transformer 240v in. Transformer red and blue go to the noise filter. Haven't sleeved the 240v rail as I am awaiting a terminal block and will do that once I put it inside the cabinet and know what lengths I need with the powerboard.
  12. I was asked to explain things about Jamma and why I'm doing what I am to someone so wrote this up. So how have I been? Emotionally a bit of a mess, HUGE fatique stemmed from depression and having no social life or that I feel that a lot of people don't care etc. As a result the rebuild has slowed down massively and I have issues keeping awake and staying out of bed. Last night even though I slept 14 hours the night before when I got into bed it was soo soft and comfy compared to normal. If anyone is in Perth here wants to see the cab catch up or whatever I'm always open to it. I also have the latest Mame sets 0.236 and happy to share with anyone. --- So with the fuses here the next question is when do I power on. I will loosely schedule it for the 9th, Saturday this weekend 5PM EST / 2PM WST I will be streaming on my discord here so people can come and voice chat with me and help me though the process. It most likely won't be playable but it will at least turn on the monitor on with some Jamma cards, J-Pac etc. If anything changes to this schedule I will post back by Friday evening.
  13. Time for a update. I need to think about how to raise the height of the sub to clear the coin box for the air hole any ideas? Here its just sitting on a small toolbox not ideal, placement is fine. Was getting some software going while I was sick with the flu a couple months or so back. Different purchases arrived also and more since these images. I hit up alberto1225 from Arcade Otaku about his custom panels out of interest and got one a 2L16B panel in the mail and built it up. Its temporary wired until I let the LED kit then ill do it properly and sleeve the CP wires. So what happened with Sanstar? There wasn't enough people for one and they had various ideas about a acrylic artwork overlay which wouldn't be suitable for my build etc so in the end things didn't go through. I also went to the West Coast Pinball Festival here in WA, if you saw me I was probably the awkward guy wandering around playing the games badly and watching a lot of people. Also I really got into cable sleeving and have done more since these images the Jamma harness is now done. As well I decided to redo the entire harness after messing up the original edge connector and added extra wires for breakouts, power and service, coin, tilt etc for the admin panel, need to do a DigiKey run for more connectors for them. The second image is single connector CP breakout to the Amp's I am making using a DB44 connector. As well tried my hand at Street Fighter V with a I-PAC2 and I suck bad. Later I will look at getting a Brook Ultimate Fighting Board but the I-Pac2 will do for PC games until I want to play onconsoles. Also got the speakers three FaitalPRO 3fe25 these weren't cheap but sound great, Wondering where the best place is for the centre speaker any ideas? Could do under the cp facing down but id need to cut a hole etc. I have also been building up the new back panel. I was brainstorming about how to switch between a I-PAC2 and Brook fighting board and with a 8PDT switch you can easily enough. A 6PDT will work also if the grounds to all devices are always connected. As well I got the replacement mini lamps for the coin meter and wired that up. I now need to figure out how to wire the coin meter to the coin actuator so it counts on all real coins regardless of system connected as the original wiring has it connected separately to the Jamma harness from actuator but J-Pac, Pandora etc don't support that pin J and 8. I spoke to Joemac about the black coating on the back of monitors and got some Aquadag to coat my monitor with I'll be doing soon. It's pricey so anyone in Perth is welcome to come get their monitors coated as there's no way I'll be using all this up myself. And today I got Fuses which mean I can wire it up and test info will be in a couple posts.
  14. Will have a big update soon when I can get around to it as work hasn't stopped, did slow down for a bit while I was sick with the flu. My other thread on another site is more up to date but will update this one soon.
  15. A little work today and a few accidents also due to how I've been I think 😞 Firstly I got the banner marquee out and had it on the floor next to my desk wrapped in a cloth and as I moved I accidently stepped on it a minor crack in the side so not happy. You can get refubs with mostly the original colours so mby if I cant refurb mine to the colours I'll get that. I looked up colours and its a mix what people are using to touch up areas the common two are LB9A or RAL 9002, getting the Volkswagen Genuine Paint Touch Up Pencil Candy White/Сandyweiss LB9A/B4/B9A to try here. Came across a project that in some ways makes my refurb amateurish but in other ways makes my refurb stand out with other things. I installed the banners and put a led strip behind to test. Anyone know the best way to touch up the scratched black areas on the banner?, wasn't like this originally when I got it but happened when taking it off to clean it. My depression has flared up to the point I'm starting to feel a little illogical and out of it at times. Also I am finding it super hard to cope living alone and not having local friends etc, I have issues with people wanting to know and put back the effort with me on their own that it annoys me if I have to most of the work knowing people. I just want this pain to end and go away that at times I question is there any other way than going down that certain road which would end the constant emotional social pain I go through. I am not going to do anything, but its on my mind a little as I don't want to live with no friends and being alone and feeling like no-one cares about me that they won't make a effort to know and include me themselves. If anyone is in Perth I can use something, someone, new friends whatever to help as I feel I am going to get worse with this unless something changes.
  16. I'm always doing a bit of work nowadays on the arcade cabinet and research on various things. More packages arrived buffing pads, Jamma edge connector protectors, 2 Sanwa sticks, CGA/EGA/VGA to HDMI adaptor which I can use to capture the input going to the arcade monitor on my PC. I started repainting pieces, I de-branded the Jamma protector from the factory name, filed out the back a little will do more when I sleeve the Jamma harness and painted it also letting them dry for a few days. I'll label the protectors with a D11 label maker I have The protector won't fully close at the front but its no issue as its really tight as is, I'll just hot glue around it once I am done with putting it together. Should I put paper or something inside so the hot glue only will penetrate that far as I don't want to glue to the pins or wires. I cleaned the smaller metals. These are the tops of the carry indents, front cover cp catch and the original Astro City billboard holder brackets (not mentioned in the NAC manual obviously) I also tested the coin meter with my PSU at 5V it works. And I found replacement mini lamps on eBay $5.50 gets you 20 of them they are 6V 3mm for the original Astro City meter, which is what this will use so if your meter lamps are bunt out here are replacements, they carry multiple types so double check what your meter uses. For casual usage these will last a lifetime, wonder how often the lamps burn out at a active parlour. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/20x-Miniature-3-4-5mm-6-12-24V-Lamp-Light-Bulb-Edison-Incandescent-Filament-Rice-/353246642981?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Some people think I am being too complex and should keep it simple the build. In the end this will be really simple to use and be able to use all monitor frequencies as well as other cool things and be really neat but it takes work to make that happen and I am progressing on it and have other cool plans like the master switchboard and consolidated plug breakout area etc I need to fabricate still once the system is core built which I am working on now.
  17. I am inquiring about including the Sega Made Bad Decisions panel artwork with these panels which was released online. https://segamadebaddecisions.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/astro-city-cabinet-materials/ If it gets approved then this artwork will come with the panels.
  18. Been Speaking to June and she making sure things are improving with their company. Will keep you guys updated.
  19. Cheers will have a look and see about hitting him up if he still can do them. Comparing panels his player button orientation looks the same between player 1 and 2 and should be offset, so wouldn't match the SlagCoin Sega templates. I registered on Arcade-Projects and will contact him and give him the proper CAD file to use for people in the future. The lady with the panel has taken into account feedback and will have new artwork soon.
  20. The power on is on hold for now as I need to redo the input circuit and cable sleeve it and already planning quite a bit in other areas. Work has picked up massively the last week here is some stuff. I have built a bit of the cab, refoamed the monitor housing and back access which may not have had foam on it originally. Before and after cp hinge cleaning. And after the coin mech area cleaning. I'm even rebuilding the actuator housing at the bottom from plastic to metal by modifying one from a AU mech I bought. Awaiting screws and nuts before doing more work on this. THE ADMIN BOX IS BONDED!!!, Someone recommended Sikaflex industrial and looks to have done the job, I have test pulled it a few times without success. I am awaiting a sandpaper kit to clean it up so the underneath looks neat. And here is a top view of how its going to look with the coin slot cover, needs to be cleaned from dirt from working you can see. How I am going to open and close the admin panel I have no idea so any ideas? Also will be fixing the coin meter led that's burnt out. Been doing lots of purchases also, cable sleeving buttons sticks inquiring about leds now. Here is the Jamma harness laid out and detangled after all the cable ties were cut. Has freezer bag twisty ties on it temporary till the sleeving arrives. Purchased some extra spare artwork linked around in threads for the panel, the lady from the place I bought it has taken feedback on board about it. One piece had a line through it. You can see that the protective plastic is still on the artwork in all photos. Also got a cheap Pandora CX for initial testing as well as speaker plugs for the surrounds to make them connect neatly. Here is the contents of the SDCard. And the cabinet is starting to actually come together with being rebuilt. So a lot of stuff being done and purchased and the admin box is bonded and can move to the next stage.
  21. Well if you know where to get a 2L16B panel please share as I cant seem to find them online. If this calls through a local place can make the panel. Not too worried about the art as such as I'll get a proper one done for my cab. If you know decent artwork suppliers please share links to them for our benefit.
  22. I was asked about the quality on Arcade Otaku Here is the artwork first is under a plexi cover that came with the arcade to keep it straight as it was rolled up and you can see it still has the protective film on. Its not bad though one may want to get artwork made separately from someone as its a touch out of focus in places top left text for example, I presume they used a scan to print from other than recreating. Plenty of places around to get the artwork overlays for panels, does NoodleShirt still do artwork? As for the panel here is a image I took of a 2L12B panel from a AliExpress purchase. As this 2L16B panel above is using my CAD, it should be ok for the panel.
  23. Branching this out into its own topic for exposure Been wanting a 2L16 panel for my very slow rebuild but found it hard to get a panel for my Astro City which uses the newer 8 button layout that modern fightsticks, games, consoles new and old systems use and is the panel that came with the Sega Virtua Stick Pro for the Saturn, these HSS-130 units are going for $1,000 AUD for info. I worked with FrancoB from Arcade Otaku who did the Sega Cad files most may be familiar with to make the CAD for the 2L16B panel, this is as accurate one can get to a official Virtua Stick Pro. As I found it hard to find panels in this configuration premade or ordered, so in discussion with a company San Star Game we are doing a run of 2L16B panels with or without artwork, comes not attached, if we can get 50 total orders for them. Panels can be used in Candy Cabs Astro / Blast / Windy / Certain Viewlix and others that use this panel type, 2 player fightsticks for consoles as some are making this panel by hand for them. This is what the panel will look like with artwork from a Virtua Stick Pro scan I used that's online to do the CAD file. You can use any artwork you like on the panel as the Astro artwork comes separately. The panel you will receive is more accurate than this photo to the SlagCoin spec as I checked and adjusted it multiple times to get it as accurate as I could. Total cost of panel shipped with artwork is $91AUD by my own order status. You can place the order, cancel the payment and wait for confirmation as it will be retained for 30 days and I hope we can get 50 orders by then. Panels can be purchased here. https://www.sanstarltd.com/products/...control-panel- Here it is when I made it in Autocad with the checking boxes by FrancoB. My own arcade Astro city rebuild thread is here to follow my progress. https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/a...-etc?p=2224192 Please buy one and link / share around so these can become normal stock.
  24. Made quite a few purchases recent about $1000 spent not including the control panel and more purchases will come, I hope you guys can buy a CP for yourself as we need 50 orders in order for me to get one also. Will be showing stuff soonish. Next Saturday I am planning to power the system up even if the wiring is not installed just to check things out. I will be streaming on Twitch and my discord to also chat to anyone watching. Twitch URL: is https://www.twitch.tv/drguild Discord join link is: https://discord.gg/mk2axStVKq I have a rough time I am thinking but will refine it over the week.
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