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  1. Now onto the work. I made a Chamma Adaptor and itll be mounted in one of those Jamma housings you can buy.. Started looking at controler wiring some progress images what I am doing Making a single DB44 quick connect that goes between the cabinets Amp and controls that way I can swap things out as needed, also has the Kaimana lighting pins through it, this will help when making the stand alone fightstick for the panel. Still a lot more to do but its progress. Mounted the back panel and monitor loosely in the cabinet. Currently working on the stand for the logitech subwoofer, orderd some screw sets to mount it and then will jb weld the frame to make it solid as its just pop rivited. Also ordered a motherboard tray for mounting the PC for the inside, So basically where I am at with the build. Can use any advice etc.
  2. I updated another forum but forgot about updates here so time for a update. Firstly the monitor, I got the Ultimarc PC2 to Multisync cable but its having geometry issues. Here is the PS2 I used the JPG loader in uLaunch.elf on a test image from USB and PS2 .Hack Quarrentine and PS1 Chrono Cross images. Same test image as above but running on my PC no geometry weirdness. So I am looking for ways to do PS2 to my CRT with geometry I have some sync seperator chips and will get a resister kit etc as well as look around online for guides if anyone knows a solution let me know. So standard monitor images, showing the Ultracade Video Converter (no idea about the weird line in the image could have been a UVC setting) a Pandora Box CX and Model 2 emulator with Daytona USA.
  3. I have a interesting situation. I got some VGA plugs and wired up my Ultracade Video Converter. Tried the Dip switches on the UVC and here are my findings through the J-Pac. Modes through J-Pac, 6 on / 7 on / 8 on - signal 6 on / 7 on / 8 off - no signal on monitor 6 on / 7 off / 8 off - no signal on monitor 6 off / 7 on / 8 off - signal 6 off / 7 off / 8 off - signal Direct all modes work though the H Sync Polarity may be artifacting a little. 24khz EGA through the UVC the J-Pac won't recognise. So appears its the H Sync Polarity from the input that needs to be negative through the J-Pac when Sync is separated. Whether I can get through the active HDMI and CRT Emu driver I don't know.
  4. You misunderstood the post haha. Monitor is fine all trisync frequencies 15/24/31 PC was set to 31k when I did the test but even at 15k it's the same fine direct but no signal though the J-PAC, I can do another video of that if you want but it's the same result. The J-PAC is built to work on Trisync frequencies through the harness not just 15k. The box your seeing and thinking is a converter is just a dsub 15 port that's wired direct to the Jamma edge connector. This works as I can run a Pandora Box CX fine through this connector to the monitor.
  5. Its rough but this shows what's going on. At the end is the PC direct to the monitor. Its not the cable from the Jamma edge connector as that is fine with a Pandora box. Here is the resolution the monitor is detecting direct from PC. Even at 15k there's no display through the J-PAC.
  6. I'll double check tomorrow, bit I think both the green and orange ones are on all the time. The USB is powered from the of bit even when the of is running there's no signal from the J-PAC.
  7. I have a J-Pac but cant seem to get monitor throughput when direct to the arcade monitor works. Wondering if there's someone here in Perth that can test my J-Pac for me comparing it to theirs so I can get it replaced if its faulty. Message me if you can do so, I am in Armadale. Thanks
  8. I've been doing a lot of work on cables and testing the monitor I'll show soonish. But I need someone to test a J-PAC as it's not working for me the video filtering. PC direct to monitor is fine via J-PAC is no image at all. I'm in Armadale WA and can give it anyone that's willing to test it for me . Hope to hear from someone willing to test.
  9. I took the monitor into Jomac last Monday and he fixed it, turned out the neckboard got a bit knocked around in storage all these years. Should be picking it up this afternoon. Sorry I missed the earlier messages need to check notification settings on the new site. I came down sick over a week ago and Monday after getting back from Jomac was really bad for the last week but starting to feel a little better. As for depression it's not the best, being sick, not many friends etc just gets to you. I started writing up the control panel properly now I have the led kit. More work on that since the photo was taken I hot glued the sleeving to the CP and finished a couple connectors. This below is the LEDs temp wired to test before I start on the short links you can see where those go above. And I hot glued the end of the harness. So progress is happening and it seems everything I'm doing I'm just adding more and more and it's taking longer, but one connector etc at a time and I'm moving forward towards the goal which is the main thing.
  10. Checked the connectors etc still same issue with the monitor.
  11. I emailed Joemac as the test wasn't the best on monitor. Stream was a mix of whoops forgot to turn on the power supply and now I have some picture on monitor but the monitor needs sorting. Monitor has a static sound at the back and this on the screen. Clips of the monitor problem below. First one is Dottorikun start screen. Here its my PS2 .Hack Quarantine on the Ultimarc PS2 Multisync cable.
  12. So about the power on tomorrow. It's still happening.. Will be on my Twitch and interactive where you can talk to me on my discord. I had hoped to have it more complete by this stage, so I'll be testing using my PS2 and J-PAC if I can get that working. Also to note I'm sick again, this tine with tonsillitis and have a swollen throat and light mucous and sleep is affected. So I don't know how long I'll be streaming for and my presentation isn't going to be the best. But I plan to give a powerup of the monitor a go.
  13. Input wiring ready for Saturdays testing. I have checked the voltages with my multimeter and input and output are fine, 117V out from the transformer 240v in. Transformer red and blue go to the noise filter. Haven't sleeved the 240v rail as I am awaiting a terminal block and will do that once I put it inside the cabinet and know what lengths I need with the powerboard.
  14. I was asked to explain things about Jamma and why I'm doing what I am to someone so wrote this up. So how have I been? Emotionally a bit of a mess, HUGE fatique stemmed from depression and having no social life or that I feel that a lot of people don't care etc. As a result the rebuild has slowed down massively and I have issues keeping awake and staying out of bed. Last night even though I slept 14 hours the night before when I got into bed it was soo soft and comfy compared to normal. If anyone is in Perth here wants to see the cab catch up or whatever I'm always open to it. I also have the latest Mame sets 0.236 and happy to share with anyone. --- So with the fuses here the next question is when do I power on. I will loosely schedule it for the 9th, Saturday this weekend 5PM EST / 2PM WST I will be streaming on my discord here so people can come and voice chat with me and help me though the process. It most likely won't be playable but it will at least turn on the monitor on with some Jamma cards, J-Pac etc. If anything changes to this schedule I will post back by Friday evening.
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