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  1. I think the For Sale section needs to be editable, even if it's just the first post. Sold items should be marked as such, and it makes sense to be able to add details to the item description.
  2. Not if this is true: A cricket theme would be the opposite; huge appeal in India and Pakistan but no interest in North America and Europe.
  3. Georges in Sydney offer quotes for second hand equipment: https://www.georges.com.au/pre-loved-gear/get-a-quote.html No idea how fair their offers are, but found them to be good value and helpful when buying.
  4. This stuff tastes incredible. No one makes beer better than Belgian monks.
  5. 3 sand pictures by Exotic Sands. One blue, one orange and a large turquoise one. Approximately one year old. These are wooden and glass frames containing water and coloured sand. Flip the frame and the sand slowly filters to the bottom, creating a different image every time. Videos here: https://exoticsands.com/pages/main-video $50 each, located Sydney CBD, cash on pick up only. Due to fragility I do not want to sent these through the post.
  6. I got one out of three (question 1). Guessed Close Encounters for question 3, which was wrong.
  7. For anyone who missed it, this is on again tonight on ABC Comedy.
  8. All of these songs need to have the Super Mario Bros death sound effect added at the end.
  9. For what it’s worth, this is my view: I consider drugs a last resort, not a preferred response (although I do make an exception for alcohol). The drugs in question have been around for a few months, had some basic testing for short-term side effects, and then released to the public. Long-term testing done: zero. Testing of cumulative effects (remember, they want us to take these drugs on a regular basis for the rest of our lives): negligible. I’m sure the people working on them are very knowledgeable. They can speculate, they can theorise, they can avoid repeating previous mistakes, but the simple fact is that until they’ve actually done the experiment they don’t- and can’t- know. I’m also very concerned about the fact that the media has nailed, riveted, bolted and welded its colours to the mast on the question of vaccine safety. When every noteworthy media organization in the country is blithely declaring “these drugs are safe�, it’s very hard to have any confidence that should dangerous side effects occur, they would actually be reported. Not that reporters know very much about vaccines themselves; they rely on sources inside the medical industry. And contrary to popular belief, drug manufacturers are not charities, they are extremely profitable businesses with large marketing and legal departments, and they have billions of dollars at stake. They have a demonstrable interest in keeping bad news out of the papers. As explained above, the risks of the vaccine aren't known, so it’s hard to make a judgement. As for covid-19, it appears that the risks overwhelmingly fall on the old and those with existing medical conditions. For everyone else- including me, and the majority of the population- it seems to pose a similar threat to a bad flu, and I don’t take vaccines for the flu. I know a few people in high risk categories, and I would suggest that for them it’s probably worth rolling the dice on the vaccines. I suppose they could, if they brought a weapon. From a social point of view, I do get along better with people who are skeptical of government and the media. I suppose the key difference is that people who haven’t taken those vaccines aren’t currently being overtly threatened with ostracism for their decision.
  10. Only true if you somehow avoid all taxes levied by the government.
  11. What a ridiculous comment. What were you trying to achieve by posting this? Do you really think this is going to change anyone's mind? I absolutely agree that the coronavirus response is doing more harm than good, but so are posts like yours.
  12. I don't understand why people post or watch these videos on Google's Youtube site. Do they not realise that Google is actively engaged in collecting as much data on users as possible? Aren't they just contributing to the problems they're trying to highlight?
  13. Bhindi Bhagee by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. I have no idea how to describe this amazing song, it's like nothing else I've ever heard.
  14. https://www.pinballmaster.com.au/pages/coming-soon
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