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  1. I think the For Sale section needs to be editable, even if it's just the first post. Sold items should be marked as such, and it makes sense to be able to add details to the item description.
  2. Not if this is true: A cricket theme would be the opposite; huge appeal in India and Pakistan but no interest in North America and Europe.
  3. Georges in Sydney offer quotes for second hand equipment: https://www.georges.com.au/pre-loved-gear/get-a-quote.html No idea how fair their offers are, but found them to be good value and helpful when buying.
  4. This stuff tastes incredible. No one makes beer better than Belgian monks.
  5. 3 sand pictures by Exotic Sands. One blue, one orange and a large turquoise one. Approximately one year old. These are wooden and glass frames containing water and coloured sand. Flip the frame and the sand slowly filters to the bottom, creating a different image every time. Videos here: https://exoticsands.com/pages/main-video $50 each, located Sydney CBD, cash on pick up only. Due to fragility I do not want to sent these through the post.
  6. I got one out of three (question 1). Guessed Close Encounters for question 3, which was wrong.
  7. For anyone who missed it, this is on again tonight on ABC Comedy.
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