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  1. I inherited a Nakamichi tape-head degaussing tool. Very high quality, of course, but TBH i'm not sure it's quite as powerful as i'd like. Does the job but requires a lot more moving around.
  2. This is the monitor repair subforum... Might i recommend posting in the main arcade repair section?
  3. Thanks for the resposnes guys! I was really after the simplest cheapest version for testing only. I might look into grabbing an edge connector slot and designing one for myself. It's a shame Frank is gone. I didn't have much contact with him but he was a great contributor 😕
  4. @Frank_fjs do you have any of these for sale right now? OR a link to the new project might be even better...
  5. An individual called Thomas Daede has gone and made a replacement universal+ CRT chassis!!1! I'd always wondered if someone was going to attempt this. It's early days but the potential seems awesome, and i'm super excited by the fact it's open source. Link to the TD-CRT github.
  6. I'm confused when you say official? There are no links in that thread, just a pic of the most generic HDMI-to-VGA converter you can get, same as in my pic. The point i was raising is that if you try to buy ones that look like that now, most of them are NOT using the AG6200 chip and/or won't work for 15kHz. And even if you find a source to buy from, what happens when their source changes, because you won't be able to tell. Grab older ones when you can find them, i say 😄 Also, while a lot of the older AG6200 adapters are (usually) great for 15kHz, in most cases they are pretty blurry for anything above 31kHz. When compared to what else is out there, at least. I bought over a dozen different models when i was originally trying to find one for 15kHz, and then tested them all again later on when i set up the ao486 core at 720/1080p.
  7. It's not impossible, just very, very unlikely on land. It's only really an issue with clathrates, which are deposits of methane locked into subsurface ice along continental shelves. Removing the overburden can cause problems there as well. It's about the release of pressure. You get a big drilling ship sitting on top of what's no longer a water column but a steam of bubbles not dense enough to support the wight.
  8. As millions of years pass, sediments pile up in river mouths and along coral reefs. Environments track or change, but features that were once on the surface can end up kilometres deep solely due to more dirt piling up on top of them. The tectonic plate they form the uppermost layer of is floating on top of the mantle like an ice cube in a drink. So when you add more weight on top it sinks a little further, and the surface stays about the same level. That's a very rough outline, anyway 🙂 The mass of the earth and distance from the sun, which have not changed significantly, might modify the speed of the base processes, but not by much.
  9. Errr, no, and... no. "Fossil" in the sense of fossil fuels represents millions of years of sunlight energy hitting the planet, being converted into vegetable matter, then compacted and kettled for even longer aeons by the planet's internal heatloss. You aren't going to be able to replicate that in any "fossil" sense. Most of the original deposition of vegetable matter took place in the botanical flowering of the carboniferous period, and it was that very period that gave rise to the sort of bacteria that eat dead vegetable matter and are so prevalent now. So even if you give the planet another billion years to cool off, it may not be possible to renew the reserves we've been tapping into because the bacteria will get to it first, before it gets properly buried and packed down. Also, the earth produces far, far more electricity naturally than humans do. Sure, it doesn't use transmission lines, but hey.
  10. Well, another review of mine that didn't get nearly enough love. I wonder what the common factor is... 😄 I'll update the OP to see if i can't do it more justice. A completely flawed masterpiece, though the key word there really is masterpiece, make no mistake.
  11. The same HDMI-to-VGA converters will probably work for both MiSTer and a PC, if both are running 15kHz. MiSTer has the direct video option for a lot if not most systems. In fact you'll get a cleaner video output from the MiSTer, but it's not nearly as flexible as a PC
  12. No, this is a proper DAC. So digital HDMI through to analog VGA output. I think the AG6200 chip, along with other good options, doesn't use a framebuffer (if only because it's cheaper not to). It's converting on the fly at 1:1 and not changing the resolution. It doesn't add much if any lag. There are terrible converters out there as well, you just need to find a decent one.
  13. This is a post about HDMI-to-VGA converters! About time, i hear no one at all say! HDMI is a semi-viable option for newer AMD cards that do not output analog video directly - assuming you get a card that is supported by crt_emudriver to begin with. Some cards have dot-clock minimums to contend with as well (read the main guide for more on dot clocks.) You then require an HDMI-to-VGA converter that can handle 15kHz SD video as RGBS. (And from there, a VGA-to-whatever cable your display needs.) Most older, cheaper HDMI-to-VGA dongles are fine. They look like the below example. You can often find them cheap in ewaste. These may or may not offer audio output, which doesn't matter much for a PC, but might for MiSTer. Newer HDMI-to-VGA converters, even ones that look like the above, tend not to use the previously ubiquitous AG6200 converter chip, and do not work for 15kHz RGBS. Buying branded examples (comsol, ugreen, belkin, vention, etc.) might help, but it's pretty much a crapshoot now. The only example i can find that actually lists an AG6200 chip inside is this one on eBay. (I haven't used it myself, so i can't guarantee it, but i have used a slightly older Vention one, also listing the same chipset, and it does work fine.)
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