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  1. I drove for more than an hour yesterday to play this again ,could not , I think it was just a coin thing but never had any luck with any jack machines, even when/if fully functioning . Love them though (except that selfie overload ) Horrid Tacky theme . Excellent game.Thankfully always other premium devices on location .
  2. Maybe start with a Treehouse of Horrors or Rick and Morty (time to purge) . Next -Elvira Mistress of the Dark . Finish with The Frighteners ,Braindead , Black Sheep or Zombieland .
  3. Arnie of course ! He is also the best for call outs on pinball machines . Hmmm .... what machine has the best voices ?
  4. The big (milestone) year was 1979 , Phoenix was the first SS I'd played , could swear they had different sounds (maybe i was drunk) BUT then Playboy came to town , this is still my pick of old devices although never owned one . So expensive now but have such fond memories .
  5. Buckaroo in the late 60's. That horse kick was so high tech , then i saw what was beyond the coin door . ADDICTED
  6. Sorry, I've been out of reception. Yeah it's my Surf Champ machine, , only had it a short time. More signatures soon. Big Thanks to Dedrok for lining me up with it,Graham and Kim for making it work so well .Marco Chris and the whole Pinfest team for having and helping me .
  7. For 3 years on a 3 pin score I've tried boxes of baking soda , fresh ground coffee, ACTIVATED CHARCOAL , opened , closed , Ozone therapy ,tea tree, hippy sweat, vodka - everything above and more (those fabric softener things only mask it and stink in a different way) . They still stink ,(Hankin the worst) not as bad as before but they need to be in a shed ,the house still retains that aroma after being locked up. It's like removing dead rat that seeped into the wood grain .
  8. Chances are that will never happen again but i'd be frequent visitor , all we ever get at our recycle centre are old Hankins .
  9. Thank You Mr Ken , you must be the most valuable pinball asset in Australia and to take time to answer such a simple (now) question as mine is very commendable , eases my worry about dabbling with electrons
  10. I have a stargate which was missing one of the kicker targets , now i need a capacitor for that switch - manual has it as xo-230 0.1uf +80 -20,50v . The other caps in machine have zex- 413 printed on them . Pardon my ignorance but i can't find either of these exact ones where i've looked and need advice with what i could use instead . Hope someone could educate my learning spiral. Thank You
  11. Thanks MR TimeBandit, such a pleasure to have a quick dip in your pinball shop. Totally impressed by your collection ,knowledge and kindness . I wish i had more time there , maybe when TRON needs a new home.
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