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  1. I love the Theme , always been a fan since watching the (bad) movie on Deadly Earnest back in the day , references from uncle Gilbert in the Munsters , Marilyn in The Seven Year Itch, Zappa in his song Cheepnis etc .. Cult Classic .
  2. Pick up Maitland NSW only . PM for details
  3. Joy at AMD . I finally have the Batman66 . Best Machine ever made. Why did I wait so long ?
  4. Surfing Legends Matt Hoy and Peter McCabe testing Chewbacca's response ! Liked McCabe's expression
  5. Not a proper restoration thread - just some photo's that I liked I think it spent part of It's life in Zimbabwe , Hence the condition and mods . Had a bit of a moment when I realised if the board was missing or had a fooked chip it would never work again . Luck and Dr Ken resurrected the beast . Did some guesstimation of what would work out to get it running through Pinfest (and it did )
  6. I have no Idea about the technical language of which you guys speak But... the pic says "wow"
  7. I've just paid after originally being confused with the USD default thing. Thanks again for allowing us to attend .
  8. Not that you need the adulation now you are " Rock Star Famous" but...... I totally appreciate the dedication, time ,effort and excellent product you provide us with . Again , Thank You So Very Much
  9. I've had random people come by to play some games , they always ask "how much do these things cost" . All of them (except for a 94 year old first timer) could play rather well , most of them thought the EM's were initially expensive (but then factored in antique value or some crap) , the SS"s to dear (but they could afford one ) and the Sterns about what they imagined one would cost or as a couple thought GB should be 20 grand .
  10. are these considered to be any good ? I just use them for playing records
  11. Is it just me or my machine BUT are the flippers on SW the best (by far) EVER ?
  12. Thanks , I don't do the facebook thing but I'm totally appreciative of all the fine work that you guys do , so i'll be looking forward to this .
  13. I prefer JP on every evaluation . I'm still after some elusive Stargate parts but most are available at PBR , a must for the Gottlieb . Holding in the flipper only reduces that pyramid call out on my device and it's NOT the only annoying call out that bugs me .
  14. I was a bit reluctant Signing up for transferwise , but now I'm in it makes PBR way more accessible , I use it all the time. .
  15. I'd like to purchase the Batman set and the Gorgar set if still available . Thanks
  16. I found Sri Lanka to be similar to India (south anyway) . It's not as Grand or crazy but still a total assault upon all your senses ( in a good way ). Has milder filth , the full range of smell, usual 3rd world noise, full weather spectrum, still has death defying traffic and logic , generally people seem to more laid back (some places totally) . The food was a real highlight for me , even better than india ( All of ). It has always been geared for tourism so I'm sure you'll find the right level of holiday comfort /discomfort you prefer . A great place. I'd go there again. I should go again.
  17. I drove for more than an hour yesterday to play this again ,could not , I think it was just a coin thing but never had any luck with any jack machines, even when/if fully functioning . Love them though (except that selfie overload ) Horrid Tacky theme . Excellent game.Thankfully always other premium devices on location .
  18. Maybe start with a Treehouse of Horrors or Rick and Morty (time to purge) . Next -Elvira Mistress of the Dark . Finish with The Frighteners ,Braindead , Black Sheep or Zombieland .
  19. Arnie of course ! He is also the best for call outs on pinball machines . Hmmm .... what machine has the best voices ?
  20. The big (milestone) year was 1979 , Phoenix was the first SS I'd played , could swear they had different sounds (maybe i was drunk) BUT then Playboy came to town , this is still my pick of old devices although never owned one . So expensive now but have such fond memories .
  21. Buckaroo in the late 60's. That horse kick was so high tech , then i saw what was beyond the coin door . ADDICTED
  22. Sorry, I've been out of reception. Yeah it's my Surf Champ machine, , only had it a short time. More signatures soon. Big Thanks to Dedrok for lining me up with it,Graham and Kim for making it work so well .Marco Chris and the whole Pinfest team for having and helping me .
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