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  1. Considering this a Dream thing (or apparent nightmare) Here is my two schmeckles worth Rick & Morty ....... EVERY manufacturer should make one ! or Pantera AEON FLUX (TV Series) Blue Harvest Meet the Feebles, Bad Taste or Braindead Brickleberry Duckman R. Crumb ..Retro ( X ) Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Quentin Tarantino ..( choice ) But.... more likely mainstream chances with .... RICK & MORTY Monty Python The Simpsons ( another but not a to recent version ) Back to the Future Led Zeppelin Prince Addams Family (old B/W version) Get Smart But Then Again just update screen and art on Lord of the Rings and Tron for a chance
  2. Went to Darwin once , asked for their domestic beer and was surprised when I was told they haven’t got one , never have, in disbelief I said you guys are the largest consumer of beer in Australia ! Well what about the Darwin stubbies. ? I was told that it’s just Carlton draught . Great opportunity ?
  3. After being on various plans etc forever , I bought my own phone and took a gamble @ Aldi for $15 per month .Thought I could always upgrade or change tactics at any time without any loss . No need, Best Ever . Great coverage , data rollover, free international calls to major countries , no pesky after hours marketing calls etc , easy quick set up , and retained my old number
  4. Like I mean Funkin ... WOW Who has such a awesome - PHOTO - opportunity - pin desirability - lifestyle like this Excellent
  5. Yeah , you can have that for Free . Just PM me your details
  6. I'd like to buy these , please . PM sending
  7. As others have given notice of payment , maybe I need to mention - Paid Ross & Hell , 3rd December ( paypal ) . Thanks again
  8. Like as with the backglass of Quicksilver Brendon Small from Dethklok - Metalocalpse The magazine was even available in my little town in the Day
  9. pinthing

    RIP Holden

    My first car (back in the 70"s) was an FC Station wagon . I sold it for $60 . It still had the plastic on the back seat and back door trims .Perfect . What a Dumb c....
  10. Initially, as the device went down I thought of the "cone of silence" from Get Smart .
  11. Back in 1981 I was in Singapore seen what I considered just a little child's TOY I've just Found this in someones rubbish cleanup . It works fine . I did a bit of a search due to recognition and Nintendo , and stumbled upon the Owe Bergsten Lie . Hence this post.
  12. Thankfully we have the team at The GOATSHED - the Electro Mechanical Experts
  13. That's an unusual position for a Pop Bumper !
  14. I did this when i thought R&M would never be built . When it was first released i felt a connection with BTTF .
  15. MacBook Chrome . Iphone Safari when desperate . TapTalk never worked or maybe it was just me .
  16. Is the Torpedo Alley going in here one day ? Hoping - because We've never played that game .
  17. I really like the additional shooter lane tracks ! Excellent workmanship as always , love all your detailed posts .
  18. I've never owned a dog and was Never ' a dog person ' Until i was asked to mind my employers crew . Since then(over 10 years) we have bonded so intrinsically that it becomes verging on the human level . I can now begin to emphasise how you must feel . Sorry Dog years are so unjustifiable . So sad .
  19. I asked Gary Stern a few years ago about the feasibility of Rick and Morty and he said that they looked at it but didn't fit their demographics and lacked world wide appeal . I just thought with the restrictions of having A "THEME" with this one you could go nuts , then hopefully the machine it self would/should broaden the limited pinball typecast. I'm just glad it's being made and although it might not end up on site , it might end up in my home somehow .
  20. I like all of the Wild Turkey range , the Rye is my favourite . 101 is top shelf and you could use it to start the whipper snipper if need be . (Bookers , Bakers - same) We haven't conducted the blind test yet . Although most of us (novices) consider Basil Hayden to be the best (or just what we think we like ) we performed a similar blind test with wine (red) last year and all failed to pick up on what is was what . Fun though ! and all Good .
  21. OZ Speedway championship LE pinballs on site It even glows at night
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