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  1. I've been enjoying The BOYS , on Amazon Prime . Never really wanted Amazon Prime but we wanted to watch NOBODY so gave it a try (so Cheap) . The BEST streaming service by far.
  2. Great line up and diversity again . Always good to play a machine that i haven't seen before . I can imagine tickets selling out real quick .
  3. A guy walks into a Bar and orders Six shots of Tequila He downs them one after the other . The Bartender asked "what are you celebrating ? " My first ever blow job was his reply . The bartender said " congratulations , I'll shout you another Tequila " . NO thanks , the last six got rid of the taste !
  4. Scientists have discovered the One Food which makes women FAT , disagreeable and lose all interest in sex .... It's called their wedding cake .
  5. Why are the vast majority of archaeologists females .. ? Because they are so good at DIGGING UP THE PAST
  6. Big Thanks for doing a great Podcast . Hope they keep on happening for long time . They are such easy listening , especially compared to other pinball ones now . My other Favourites were Head2Head , Jessy Jay and Final Round . Dan Carlin ( non pinball ) 👏
  7. Glad to see your active , always like to see what I can't / don't / won't do . It's been quiet here lately . Hope your back Full Steam .
  8. Do you have any more photos of this machine, beautiful playfield ! Strange centre pop bumper , Ha Ha
  9. Nope . I must have ( finally ) thrown something away for once The rails looked great . I had Stern gold mirror blades in it to match the other stuff , only had to remove a tiny unseen chunk off the back box end .
  10. I bought some system 3 rails off you at the Barn meet once , they went straight on my Stargate if I remember correctly ( i've recently sold the machine ) but i might have stashed original ones someplace , I"ll check tomorrow
  11. pinthing

    RIP Lyman

    I can't believe it . My partner and I were just discussing the next pinball purchase and my choice of Elvira HOH was endorsed with the words " well it's Lyman machine " Next thing I did was turn on the computer and read the sad news . What a shock ! She always said (while playing Bat66 ) I can't marry Lyman but are you allowed to marry one of his machines ?
  12. I'll never be able to cure cancer , pick the winning Lotto numbers or choose the correct female gift . As for the holiday side of it (I don't know Melbourne or Tassie ) is to stay in the Fanciest 5star Hotel at least 2 nights , expensive Dining , do a High Tea , Champagne Breakfast (if applicable ) I'm blessed , apparently The best gift i gave was a set of bathroom scales and a pinball adventure holiday is ideal for her / us. ( the new Iphone was good idea as well )
  13. Once upon a time on a system 80 i had a similar issue , new everything , first thing i did was put in the old springs which fixed it . Maybe the wrong weight spring was sent by mistake (they looked the same ) , rare easy fix .
  14. Thanks Grant , I'm a complete novice ( at Everything ) . I was Advised by someone in the know that the first Spike games were sensitive to current flow or something and that the expensive surge plugs were the ' Thing ' , then next the stern bulletin (which changed ) hence the need for a Bulletin ,and the different capacitor setup . So i'm just wondering who has what inside their (above title ) machines . Mine are all different . Only have Ghostbuster problems . Out of ( recent ) desperation thought it might be something extra in the surge plug that might of been related . The machine just shuts down ( at any time ) (could be weeks ) , and restarts it's self . Maybe the new power supply is faulty as well ? What do all the ferrite blocks through out the machine do ? What else should I be looking at ? Kind Regards Ross
  15. Thanks for the response . I should have also mentioned the second thing I did was put a brand new power supply in it . The first thing i did was was put a Belkin BSV120 surge plug device at the outlet , maybe it conflicted with the machine or is faulty in its self (took me all this time to think of this) Just scratchin for ideas while waiting for to stop again . Thanks again
  16. Big Happy Birthday , Legend . Thanks for all your amazing contributions , hard work and HELP over the years . Hope you had a great day Kind Regards Ross & Hell
  17. I Know how much new Stern games are to buy because AMD have it plain and simple BUT how much did all the other machines cost- Delivered into the country with all the added GST , duty , this and that tax etc ...? Particularly the Spooky games . Please and Thanks
  18. Looking for a Gottlieb GENESIS please , working or not . Probably needs to be from somewhere Bill can get to . Thanks
  19. Batman 66 , Ghostbusters , Terminator 3 and Tommy . A few others of mine that fall into - the hard to find which don't play that well desirable keepsakes category . I've always wanted the chance to own a Tron , LOTR , CV , TZ .... but those bolts have always seem to been tighten down extremely hard
  20. Comes in real handy to have Ken just down the road , Helped me out so many times .
  21. Need to upgrade my "interested " to " Excited" on this one now . For me personally , I would have liked a Black & White cab with weird arse music and callouts , but I'm just ( always ) glad we have so many different games and Manufacturers out there even if i cant get the game I want at the moment or want them at all . So waiting to hear it first , Then waiting cause of demand ? maybe . ANYWAY ... I liked the whole scene Back 5 Years Ago , First place I'd go to was Technical Repair Questions , Seemed like every day - Mike , Edy , Ken , Doug - would be instantly there , Games were plentiful and priced so you had to talk yourself out buying them constantly . Discussion was a bit more open , informative and realistic . One thing I've always wondered is Whats happened to all those old Regulars ( everybody ) , have they just lost interest , got bored , annoyed , sold all their machines , got married or just found a different religion ?
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