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  1. I Know how much new Stern games are to buy because AMD have it plain and simple BUT how much did all the other machines cost- Delivered into the country with all the added GST , duty , this and that tax etc ...? Particularly the Spooky games . Please and Thanks
  2. Looking for a Gottlieb GENESIS please , working or not . Probably needs to be from somewhere Bill can get to . Thanks
  3. Batman 66 , Ghostbusters , Terminator 3 and Tommy . A few others of mine that fall into - the hard to find which don't play that well desirable keepsakes category . I've always wanted the chance to own a Tron , LOTR , CV , TZ .... but those bolts have always seem to been tighten down extremely hard
  4. How did this event go ? Any Photos , lists , reports ...etc
  5. Comes in real handy to have Ken just down the road , Helped me out so many times .
  6. Need to upgrade my "interested " to " Excited" on this one now . For me personally , I would have liked a Black & White cab with weird arse music and callouts , but I'm just ( always ) glad we have so many different games and Manufacturers out there even if i cant get the game I want at the moment or want them at all . So waiting to hear it first , Then waiting cause of demand ? maybe . ANYWAY ... I liked the whole scene Back 5 Years Ago , First place I'd go to was Technical Repair Questions , Seemed like every day - Mike , Edy , Ken , Doug - would be instantly there , Games were plentiful and priced so you had to talk yourself out buying them constantly . Discussion was a bit more open , informative and realistic . One thing I've always wondered is Whats happened to all those old Regulars ( everybody ) , have they just lost interest , got bored , annoyed , sold all their machines , got married or just found a different religion ?
  7. I really like Tommy , one of my all time Favourites . Big THANKS for selling me your other Tommy years ago . I'll never sell it .
  8. This theme has my interest , I grew up watching this stuff back in the B/W television days . The biggest drawcard for me ( with any machine ) is .... CALLOUTS , music and sounds , I have no idea how this be will integrated but be amazing if they can do the way I imagine . One good thing already is , I can wait and it's NOT limited to 750 or some other constraint .
  9. I got home last night to find a box the mail . What a lovely Gesture , all my favourites , trouble is , He's the one thats in a worse lockdown predicament than us (the other 5 guys he sent a package to )
  10. I'd Like to buy this machine Please. PM sending
  11. Huge Batman fans here ! After playing one on site , I bought one . It's our favourite machine .
  12. Must have been all those gun games at the front
  13. I liked the whole scene back in the day when Stern were about the only manufacturers , way more expensive than used but still affordable NIB . Not only could you buy several cheap machines but you had a choice , a big choice , so much so that you knock back word of mouth deals constantly . Great to look back in AA for sale section for prices/availability as reference . With all the manufacturers out there now , seems to be difficult to get a hold of some of the turn over that it should have generated . I don't know how the decline happened but years ago there was some banter between people asking ridiculous prices and others saying "it's their machine they can ask what they want " .
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