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  1. Add new site: SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE Adelaide - Legends Bar, 21 Pulteney Street - Batman (The Dark Night) - 2/10/2021
  2. Prior to Covid I had 240 VHS tapes with over 350 taped movies (including adverts) dating back to the early 80's. Basically watched a movie every night and ditched the tapes after. During the credits of Zulu Dawn, literally the last movie, the the video recorder stopped playing and on ejecting, the tape was chewed up. Tried a few more of the tapes I'd watched that week (but hadn't binned) and same happened. Ditched the video recorder and replaced with one of the dual VHS/DVD players I've got. Then I watched 50 odd of the purchased movies on VHS (that I've since bought DVD's of) and ditched them. Yet to watch the remaining 40 odd purchased VHS movies and have hung onto a few VHS taped movies and some Rage specials, including the 1991 Hotest 100 when Nirvana knocked off Joy Division (an absolute travesty). This reminds me, that I need to get one of my footy premierships and a mate winning the car on the Wheel of Fortune from the early 90's copied to DVD. Still have a laminated wood TV in the games room, as there's nothing like watching the "Sheets of San Francisco" and other classic VHS porn movies on an old box, while smoking cigars, sipping on Scotch and playing poker!
  3. Get in touch with@Crafty he successfully linked two in April this year.
  4. Wasn't this thread closed before the migration!?
  5. IPS4 - Light, is the one I use. It is slightly better than Uniform (Light Theme). Dont like any of the others, as find it hard to read the text against the dark backgrounds.
  6. Well done Danny, great set up, plenty of space, chairs & couches, nice selection of machines. Really enjoyed catching up with many of the SA pinball tourney crew and meeting some new people.
  7. SOUTH AUSTRALIA METROPOLITAN ADELAIDE New site: Adelaide - Holey Moley Golf Club, 162-170 Pulteney Street - AC/DC Premium ($2 x 3 balls, need to put credit on a card to play) - 28/7/2021 ---------- Change: Adelaide - The Austral Hotel, 205 Rundle St - Scared Stiff, The Sopranos, (Out of Order) - 15/1/2018 Update to: - The Austral Hotel, 205 Rundle Street - The Addams Family ($1 x 3 balls, $2 x 3 credits) - 28/8/2021 ---------- Remove: Adelaide - The Hindley, 149 Hindley St - World Cup Soccer 94 - 30/6/2019 North Adelaide - North Adelaide Burger Bar, 51 O'Connell Street - Tron, The Rolling Stones - 6/7/2019
  8. 9,329,010 (3 balls) - 11/06/2021 Thought I'd get one up with picture evidence. sited pin at The Hotel Metropolitan, 46 Grote Street, Adelaide ($1 x 3 balls)
  9. 2,840,721,680 (3 balls) - 04/06/2021 Dickeson's fixed the top flipper, huge difference!. sited pin at Extra Chicken Salt, 38 Currie Street, Adelaide ($1 x 3 balls)
  10. 14,312,840 (3 balls) 15/05/2021 SA Pinball Open, Main Event, Qualifying, Round 5, Group 3 The Ballroom & Kozak Bar
  11. 4,560,617,660 (3 balls) 15/05/2021 SA Pinball Open, Main Event, Qualifying, Round 4, Group 12 The Ballroom & Kozak Bar
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