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  1. WTF Those prices are just plain crazy! Makes me think about selling mine if that's what they are getting lol
  2. Interested what you think a HUO GBLE is worth then Replay?
  3. Hi One that is straight at least 🙂 I have one on the machine, but has had a knee placed into it 😞
  4. Looking for a coin door if anyone has a spare around Looking for same as attached.
  5. Depends on our $ When we were 1 to 1 I landed one just under $500 Now around $785 landed
  6. Bit of a long shot - But Looking for one for a Sam/Whitestar Stern Machine. If you are thinking on moving one let me know LED or LCD Thanks.
  7. Looking to get 1 x ArcadeVGA 5000 Card PCIe If you have a spare or not using one, pm me please Thanks
  8. Still crazy prices that are not selling, so why are people still adding the Covid Tax to Machines they wish to sell! Pinball Machines months after month still the same ones for sale, Surely they can see the free Government cashies we all got during Covid has now stopped, so why try and sell for more than what a new Stern are today selling for? just F#!@ing crazy.
  9. Looking to purchase either of the 2 above, Let me know if you have one for sale and what price you are asking. Thanks
  10. Maybe you should edit the Title to Sold?
  11. Hi mate

    Did you end up selling your Xmen Le?

      I'm looking to buy one, if sold, How much did you get for it?


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