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  1. Umm If you think so.
  2. 8.5k Umm no thanks :(
  3. Means nothing but a guy not knowing what a machine is worth when he purchased it - like Lloyds Auctions! And still doesn't mean he actually got 12.5k. Anyway not replying to you any longer - waste of time.
  4. That's because you are a retailer and want the most you can get - I understand. Not living in the past mate, Avatar LE is no way worth 12.5k period!!! Anyway its a wanted add not a Price check! Prefer next time Lou to not reply to my posts, as we see things differently.
  5. Well last Avatar LE I saw sold was WatsJohns Le in March 2018, Sold for $8k https://www.aussiearcade.com/forum/t...5328-avatar-le Cannot see a machine in 3 years getting 4.5k more
  6. Well I couldn't even move a Stern Munsters LE at 12.5k with only 161 games played. and you think that an Avatar is worth more than or the same as that? Not even close
  7. Depends on price Lou As I’m not interested in Covid tax like a lot seem to add!
  8. Let me know if you have one available Thanks
  9. Hmm Anyone know who brought this, I'm looking for a Nascar myself and maybe he has finished with playing it and wants to move it on. PM me please if you know who or are the purchaser :)
  10. Thanks Lou - Still looking to buy if someone has finished with theirs
  11. True, but there are Nascars around and Dale Jr.\ Not interested in Grand Prix
  12. Looking for a nice Nascar if available Thanks
  13. If you have one for sale, send me a pm Thanks
  14. Looking for a Ripley's Believe It or Not pinball Let me know what you have Thanks :)
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