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  1. Hey I downloaded the flynns image .tib file that is mentioned at the start of this thread. It literally only has 1 game on it but I am sure with a bit of fiddling I can get it to rotate screen for the cocktail cab. Just need more verti games first but its a great help to know that my board itself is ok its just the hard drive thats playing up.
  2. Hi all, So I have a 3 sided cocktail table that I pretty much scored for free. It currently has one of the blue Game king style xxxx in 1 boards in it that does work but the hard drive is cooked. have installed a test image onto a hdd and am able to play games on it using the existing Jamma board and pc combo. I am happy to ditch the board and go proper PC Mame but I am looking for the best solution to the 4 player 3 sided cocktail setup. How can I set my machine up to rotate the video feed from vertical to horizontal on the monitor with the press of a button like I hear about in all the 3 sided cocktail machine ads around.?? I get that the games have dip switches but Im talking 2 games lists. 1 for verti and 1 for horizontal. Similar to the 1033/1166/3500 in 1 boards. Will the ctrl + alt + directional key allow me to rotate screen and if so can I map that to a single press and hold of one of my control panel buttons?? are there better options? what are people doing to make this possible to use mame on a 3 sided machine??? Really trying to figure out how these 3 sided cocktails work. Any help will be much appreciated. Cheers Legends!!!
  3. How did you go with making changes to your board? I have one that I want to suss out if its possible to have it switch from horizontal games to vertical games by pushing a button
  4. This thread has helped me a lot! I picked up a 3 sided cocktail machine for pretty much nothing and found that it had one of these blue boards in it. Hard drive was toast. Downloaded Flynns image and whola able to play it perfectly. Now I want to add to the list as I need to get more vertical games into the mix. I do have a copy of the flynns image.tib if anyone is still chasing it aswell.
  5. Hi all! I have been involved with machines since I was a kid going to Timezone and playing the 2 hour free games nights each week haha Been using this site for information for years but finally decided I would like to contribute. Currently have a few projects on the go and cant wait to get amongst some of the chats! cant wait to meet you =)
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