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  1. played the ipad/apple ones for years, it definately doesnt feel the same, the pays are tweeked, you have 'dream mode' where you get the feature more often, in some cases you dont, but at least with the other ones, the games might be as frustrating as they are at the pub, but at least you know your playing the genuine one.. :)
  2. so does anyone know how to get the mk5's going, thanks :)
  3. grabbing, and i will seed for a bit too! very nice!
  4. yeah i deleted it all and tried again, must be a game issue if your having the same problem too, i can play the games, just at 1 line $0.01 bet thats all, never mind, i was told that a few games are glitchy
  5. still cant do it, i can bet minimum 1 line, but there are no boxes for me to select how many lines, like the graphics are missing, also on the game menu the actual numbers from the 1c/2c denomination boxes are missing, but boxes are there - - - Updated - - - this is what i see on all 4 games
  6. has anyone got cashman tonight working? i can select denomination, and go into the game but the buttons for the lines and bet x have no numbers in them?
  7. also once credits are cleared you have more options to look about in audit mode, and of course save settings to suit what you want will be nice eventually to have them all sorted so i have different versions of the same game, i.e 2c 9 line, or 1c 25 line versions etc etc depending on what it will let you change of course
  8. this is a front end i made for maximus arcade, just scroll up and down for for screens of the games, pretty easy to setup, had to put the old ladies in their for good measure ;)
  9. also, out of curiosity, i tried a couple of the mame rom dumps in the emulator, and the indian dreaming maxi millions worked, but nothing else, food for thought for later on for any missing games or sets
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/30zlbl3cp4wcyl2/AACdtyQjoPx5UN_vy22-j9Vaa?dl=0 few more games here, anyone else have anymore please share so we can get full collection up
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