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  1. yes but its really hard to get to the nuts under these screws as there isn't much room. I was thinking maybe the two screws that attach the metal shelf to the side of the cab? if these undo maybe all of the metal brackets slide out? This metal bracket does have a lip on top to stop it just falling through the floor?
  2. Sorry, this is the cabinet and a close up view of the monitor and how its mounted I did work out the glass but with monitor not sure the best way to remove this
  3. Hey guys, I have a dedicated point blank 3 cabinet with the vertically mounted monitor that reflects in the mirror to display the image. I have removed the large back panel but want to remove the monitor so make it easier to adjust (pin cushion, and some convergence issues) I can get to the bolts closest to me to remove from the frame but how is the best way to get to the back ones? I can't reach at all. Can someone help me with the best way to do this and what else I need to remove? Also, the very front glass panel (or acrylic im not sure) has some scratches so how do I remove this to clean and polish some of the scratches out? Thanks Steve
  4. Hi guys I have a Point blank 3 cab (Japanese cab Gumbalina) Do you know if I can just swap this board out with a Point blank 1 or 2 and it will work fine including getting the guns to work? and if not what would I need to do to get this going? Just that this game has mostly Japanese text and its really hard to find a point blank 3 USA board with 100% English throughout the game. Thanks Steve
  5. I looked but no chip that I could find was marked wit this number Ive sent the board off to a place that told me they can repair it
  6. Hey I swapped the drive board (838-12898) into the good unit and same problem so I have been able to isolate the fault is with the board. Not sure how to fix so I guess I need to find a replacement board which wont be easy
  7. Hey guys I have a Scud Race twin and the left side all of a sudden will not properly calibrate the steering wheel when powering on. It will drive straight but the force feedback is pulling the wheel to the right quite a bit. I don't have any errors appearing on the boundary scan test or even on the 7 digit displays on the actual force feedback board and all the force feedback effects are working but the feedback seems not centred even though the car is driving straight when the wheel is straight (if that makes sense) but you are fighting the force feedback IE so if I turned the feedback motor off everything works perfectly When I go into the drive board adjustment menu, the wheel turns left and right as it should and when I select the next option to set the centre value, these values do no increase / decrease gradually like the right side racer, it skips and only shows 2 or 3 values but again in the game the car moves left and right perfectly on the track just the feedback is off centre I did replace the volume pot on the wheel and still no difference. This is the only pot I can find for the steering Can anyone suggest anything else to try? Thanks Steve
  8. Hi Ryan Yes please! the astro cab power is fine but for my Jamma board I need to run a separate power supply so I am not sure when I strip the end of the ATX power supply lead (have green, brown and Blue wire) exactly where these connect to the astro cab in the photo so when I turn on the switch behind the astro cab the monitor, lights and ATX power supply all turns on
  9. Hey guys I have a Jamma board that uses its own ATX power supply, Can someone show me please which terminals I would connect the power cable from the ATX supply to the astro city cab so when I switch on the cab from the back switch it turns on the ATX supply as well Here is the pic of the power section in the cab and my ATX power lead stripped has Green, Blue and Brown wires
  10. FINALLY working perfectly. Thanks Channelmaniac, yes when I connected the VGA ground to the Jamma 14 pin wire it synced perfectly Thanks Frank_fjs for all of your help as well Now onto the next thing, getting the extra buttons working which I should be ok with but let see hey
  11. Hey guys OK, after hours and hours reading forum I discovered this particular jamma board actually has no video coming out of the jamma connector only the VGA port so no wonder I was getting no image at all. I found a post that got around this by connecting 6 wires from the VGA out port (Red, Green, Blue, H sync, V sync and ground) to a six pin connector on the motherboard that was not connected. Now I have picture however its still not 100% right. Looking at these pics what could be the issue now? I don't want to play with any of the monitor pot adjustments without getting advice. In the pics the more scrambled look is using the SEGA (24khz) mode even though the monitor is 15khz and 24khz compatible. The other pic that looks about 80% correct is using NSTC (15khz mode). Is there a ground or sync wiring issue I need to do or just adjustment of some of the pots? Also the picture doesn't roll or anything, just parts of the image flicking and doesn't seem quite in sync etc Thanks again
  12. tried that Narf but it just went through the options same way as when I press the P2 button 4 and the voice says NTSC, PAL etc but no picture Tested board again on VGA monitor and TV with VGA connector and it works Its like not matter what mode, the board is not set up to output CGA 15khz - - - Updated - - - or when I moved it even though we were bring careful a wire came loose on the monitor somewhere. I don't have any other boards to test it with
  13. Thanks Frank but no still doesn't work The Jamma board I have must not output the right video for the arcade monitor. the video settings are NTSC, PAL, VGA and SEGA but none work. two days ago saw it working perfectly with a neo geo board so unless someone has another idea I will need to use the GBS 8100 VGA to CGA adaptor to get signal - - - Updated - - - This is how the monitor looks when I plug in my Jamma 2019 in 1. flickers but looks like this. The pic working is how it looked when I picked it up from the shop 2 days ago running a neo geo so it know its not a faulty monitor
  14. Hey Frank, hopefully these are better pics of the board. the manual shows these pins to connect buttons 4 and 5 near the jamma connector right next to the SW2 red dip switches but on the board I cant see anything. Its like its a different board layout from the manual to what I have
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