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  1. Thanks Nate for inviting us over to your Pinball Cave of Cruelty. 😫 Please add Deadpool to your next comp. Great to meet up with some old faces.
  2. Yes , its strange how it appears to come and go?? I will check out the video.
  3. I think so? Bloody thing was working again?
  4. Ive got an orange DMD out of a Roadshow, based in Sydney,
  5. Att Cyclone owners My mystery wheel is working less than intermitently during the game and while running the test. An error is now being displayed on the player three display and player 4 has shown 256, which the manual indicates that the home switch may not be working? Has anyone encountered this before, and what was the fix. My apology for the upside down picture. Regards Aaron
  6. I just replaced two eddy boards with tangles tech. Easy to install and works perfectly.
  7. I looked at my diagram but couldn't really make it out.. Having both switches in line on my RS, led me to believe this was the correct mounting position. its incredible what you can find when you research. My job on the weekend is to place the switches in the correct position. Can you also let me know the distance between you closest coil mounting bracket and the lock housing,. Left to right in your picture. Thanks for your reply.
  8. Thanks Mario. I wish i saw your image earlier. I went off and replaced one of the switches which seemed to fix my problem, however now I have a coil that stops firing during the game. My lock mech has been problematic for many years and feel that previous owner or service tech had hacked their way through to keep the game going. I notice the switches are on either side of the bracket where mine are in line?? Is that how they were sent out from the factory? My coil is a 26-1200 and not sure if this is an issue as it has been there for a considerable time.
  9. Its interesting what can be found from a little research.
  10. Thank you both for the comments and the image of how it should look.
  11. I recently noticed my Cyclone Ferris Wheel had the incorrect rubber which was larger than standard and twisted to resemble a figure 8. I obtained the correct rubber and replaced only to find the ferris wheel now spins backwards?? I have attached an image of the motor and not sure if this is factory standard as the ones that Marco's sell differ in appearance. I changed over the yellow wires hoping this may change the direction but to no avail. Any suggestions out there. Regards Aaron
  12. You may find these hard to come by as the last stocks in OZ only sold out a few months ago? Great game and best of luck.
  13. If Haggis succeeds maybe all us AA,members can get job on the production line.
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