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  1. Awesome work! I vote no on the decals. Cabinet doesn’t look that bad. Stern lollipop rails would look amazing if you are willing to diverge slightly from original. Added bonus when I installed lollipop rails on my DE GNR was the crinkle finish matched the new lockdown bar perfectly.
  2. Very well done! Really tidy build. That wiring and cable management is phenomenal.
  3. Prices are mad, but I could deal with the new machine prices if the quality was decent and real value was there. I pulled out of JJP GNR very early due to playfield quality concerns that don’t seem to have been addressed close to nearly a year in. Stern LE prices now are not even close to worth it unless you are just in it to resell. I’d probably get a Stern Pro or Premium if they released a theme that appealed but other than Iron Maiden, which I should have gotten, there has been nothing that has appealed at all since ACDC vault. Would really like a KISS… Damn. I love music pins. What was the question again?
  4. As you are having issues with multiple optos, I’d look closer at your opto board and potentially your power supply affecting your opto board. Did you add any mods that could be drawing more than when you first got it? My Dr Who had very similar issues that were cleared with a new Homepin opto board. Lower than required voltages can have a similar effect.
  5. I sold a Nikon D50 with a similar collection of lenses a couple of years ago for around $500. But as most things you can only get what people are willing to pay at the time. Stick it on fleaBay and see how it goes? May get more if you have a couple of the lenses in separate lots.
  6. Mine has been great and all first layer adhesion issues were solved with a good isopropyl clean even if the bed seemed clean. Although I did blow up my main board on a bad day when I replaced my drivers first time around so possible the newer board is better quality.
  7. @Dedrok Would be great if you could try out the new site. Your thread is awesome and most if not all of your issues will be gone with the new site.
  8. Very good call sir. The future looks bright.
  9. Travis, let me know if you need a hand with anything on the infra side. I work with Linux, docker, kubernetes, terraform, python, puppet and the like. Really appreciate you and this site. Donation sent.
  10. Another one bites the dust
  11. I had the same switch go on my GNR about 5 years ago. I ordered a new one from Marco and despite it being the right part number and exact actuator arm it was completely useless due to pressure requirements being at least 4x what the ball was exerting in that position. To get it working I modified a rollover switch. Not pretty, but it has worked for the last 5 years. I also ordered a ‘low pressure’ cherry switch that was described as such from PSPA. When my rollover switch hack dies I’ll drill open the switch and swap the arm in. Give PSPA a call - they should be able to tell you which switch is appropriate.
  12. Assume non flanged, should be 03-7066 ?
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