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  1. Hi Mate. Not really, but sure someone would be… Maybe a 3 way trade?
  2. Hi. Have an AC/DC premium with color DMD with AMD installed shaker, full cliffys and playfield protector, looking to trade for Iron Maiden premium, ideally in Sydney.
  3. Cheers Jady. This is my plan B as would prefer vintage. Have requested a shipping quote and expecting $350 or so all in. Edit: They are only able to ship from this eBay listing. Ouch! https://www.ebay.com/itm/403375963715?&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId
  4. Hey Jeff. Sort of… Ideally better condition, complete and full metal. This seller seems to be the only one selling on gumtree and eBay at the moment and goods are a bit rough.
  5. Hi. Looking for a decent pair of (non functional) speakers with pole mountable top / mount.
  6. My only windows machine is a VM that is used for z-wave backups. Been running Windows 11 fine for 2 months.
  7. Did they reset before the rebuilds? I had a similar issue with one of the drop banks on my DE GNR. Operation by hand was fine also, but finally worked out that from the specific angle the coil was working from that there was some binding between the plunger and sleeve. Was resolved by replacing the sleeve with a slightly less restrictive one.
  8. Unless you use a shipping forwarder like forward2me and buy from that or another overseas seller you are very likely to have to get a whole new seat. I had a similar requirement a few years ago and ended getting a special order, close enough fitting seat from Reece.
  9. You need the SD card installed for it to boot at all. Are you sure the SD card contains a working OS image? Possible to Image a fresh copy of raspbian or whatever to another card to test?
  10. Awesome work! I vote no on the decals. Cabinet doesn’t look that bad. Stern lollipop rails would look amazing if you are willing to diverge slightly from original. Added bonus when I installed lollipop rails on my DE GNR was the crinkle finish matched the new lockdown bar perfectly.
  11. Very well done! Really tidy build. That wiring and cable management is phenomenal.
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