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  1. hey @Gemini2544, did you strap some antlers on a sheep, and tell them that it is your local Moose.....😁
  2. The synchronicity of life never ceases to amaze me.....and anything with beer involved, can only be a good thing...like Pinfest 😁
  3. Surely you can Air Guitar it perfectly, after a 6 pack of beer....I know I can 😁
  4. Not sure yet, so Just a bit of a tidy up, and play it for now....then maybe a restore down the track.
  5. I have played this beauty, full credit to @AxedBandit to breathing new life into it......It certainly challenge's one's driving skills . I think back in the day, young me had far better reflexes ( had to make my 20c Investment last for a bit of fun...)
  6. Its an opto receiver, they are usually a 3 pin device, is it 3 pin or 2 pin...if 2 pin its real old school\Post note. I see it has 2 wire, bugger....they where typically a IR transmitter and receiver usually on the door to stop naughty people breaking into the Pokie...I also suspect they had a certain send and receive code( so to speak ) to make then hard to by-pass and trick !
  7. Happy Birthday young Jeff, you Living Legend You 😁
  8. Happy Birthday Troy, You Party on like its 1999 !
  9. Happy Birthday Young Dave, have a ripper day and eat some nice cake....you gotta have cake 😁
  10. Could rip out the Novis and give it a go, Its very odd, not sure what happened to the plastic. But I wont do it tonight cos is 4 degrees in the Manshed 😁
  11. Hi All I picked up a Bride of Pinbot the other week, an she has a very sad Sling Shot Plastic on the right hand side. I'm not looking for a mint one, just one that looks better..... So if anyone has one sitting around, please let me know. Thanks The Grunta
  12. That is indeed AWESOME, great work there @KJS You certainly take these pins the the next level..even a few levels above that ! Love the Apron Mod, cant wait to see the Creech one 😁
  13. OMG another one Budgie.....at what age do you become 'Vintage" Have a great one fella 😄
  14. Just saw the Angels Play Live at the Chelsea Heights Hotel.....They can still belt out the hits big time....But we all still miss the great Front man Doc ! We have even named our dog "Doc" in his memory. So when Doc chews something up, he is indeed Mr Damage 😁
  15. A Big happy Birthday to DangerRay...I know its gonna be an awesome party...enjoy
  16. You can buy auto self adhesive chrome strip to do it ( the stuff they use on cars ). I think its 15mm
  17. Big shout out to @Ballypinballfor fixing me up with the Xenomorphic Beauty 😁 Hours of Acid Splashing Joy in the Mancave tonight !
  18. It is a fine tool, in this video you shall see how it precisely removes the timer from the microwave for use in future projects. Luckily the magnetron has failed, because it did get damaged slightly whilst gently removing the timer ! Microwave Crush.mp4
  19. Hi Hank Thank you for sharing with the group.....we can tell your a happy sort of Bloke, more on the lighter type ! Have you though of joining Huggers Anonymous? also to help with your addictions in life? Regards Mr Zippo, Chairman of Lighters Anonymous
  20. Follow Up to my previous comment, you can see how the wood splitter expertly adjusts the constant paper jamb issues. It also makes it easier to access the parts for re-use. copy crush.mp4
  21. Crush it with a 20 tonnes wood splitter ...that's what I do with all my old tech...it will defrag the hard drive for you....and unlock it also !
  22. Once you get them, to make them truly authentic...you must have one in your car window, drive 4ft , pull the pole out of the ground, release the speaker and drive off ! Hope you find some
  23. Let me know when you find one ! Then I will pop up and have a play with yah 😄
  24. This is the one on the coin door of my Battle Pinny.....Cos I said lots of times, that will happen when I get "around tuit"......It's on a clear plastic that the used to use in overhead projector's, but did not print up to good..
  25. Happy Birthday to my Tasmanian Buddy ! Enjoy the weather on your special day down there !
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