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  1. So Rich is doing awesome work on the Meteor ! So we needed to try and get Stern Coin Door Slot parts. So I finally decided it was time to start playing with a 3D printer ! So I bought a printer, watched a lot of Youtube Tutorials and produced a fairly good replacement part ...Its amazing how such a small part of the pin, can take such an effort to create ! Design the 3d part, then design the clear polycarb insert to go in it ( this is done in AutoCad) But once the hard yards are done, then I can replicate easy enough. Also lessons learnt with the 3D printer is now allowed me to make the Light Shrouds for the back Box. I also figured out that when it comes to complex 3D stuff, I will get @swinks to do that for me !
  2. Wow Who's a special boy then ! Happy Birthday fella....enjoy...oh also have a beer or 2 to celebrate !
  3. OMG @Cursed your already 100% Tasweigian ! wow.....Hopefully we can discuss this rapid 'change' at Dougs in 2022 ! Ring That Bell !
  4. Great Job Doug....its always so satisfying when you get all the super nasty bugs fixed ! Well done ! Hopefully can come and play it in 2022 !!!!
  5. Just caught up on the latest series of Money Heist ! Loved it, and the over acting is just awesome !
  6. yep Ok, but really needed a Hug....
  7. Shook the sh^t out of my place. One wall on my Man Cave Pinny room is a 7mtrs high brick wall, I watched it sway about 6" back and forth a couple of times ! That was at first AWESOME ! then I realised if it had come down, my pinny collection and my dogs would have been flattened...this is not so awesome 😬 Also I believe it was Godzilla out the back of Warburton, and the whole "earthquake" story is a government cover story ...but WE all know the truth !
  8. All I can advise is to drink beer whilst doing it, It honestly helps...Also will you send a serial output from the Arduino to a Mp3 player?. keen to see how this project finishes up, thanks for the posts.
  9. Possibly they just liked to come around and bash your balls ? 🤣 Love my Daytona, only time I can speed, drive like an idiot, be half pissed...and not have to fear the cop's or loosing my licence 😁
  10. I've managed to find a supplier. But now figured out all the bending, then Buying a Tig welder, then Gas for it ...was getting very $$$$ for a couple of wire forms. So have now gone for a Meccano Kit ( Well Grunta Kit ) version of the wireform. I'll post a pic of what I have come up with when I make it. Not as nice looking as a wireform, but a lot easier to create !
  11. I Play GB that well I don't need em...however young Mr @swinkshas done a good job on this mod. he is a very clever man ! Also Rumored to be ruggedly handsome !
  12. So is that the same Mr Hankin , that then made great Aussie Pinballs?
  13. Huh What ? He was born here on earth ? I thought he was an Alien Brainiac !!!! Well Happy Birthday Mr Kress, hope you have a fun Birthday day !
  14. How does that go when someone puts a knee into it ? 😆 keep up the good work fella !
  15. Yes I used to play that down in the place in RYE , they had heaps of stuff there and the massive 8 track slot car track. I have looking for one of these for years also, a rare beast, have fun ....
  16. Are you getting a new control panel overlay for this, or keeping the original ?
  17. Mild steel is easier to fabricate with and I can buy 300-400mm lengths, but I really need 1mtr lengths.....It will be chrome plated for the finished item....Cos I like chrome 😁
  18. Dont spose there's a K-Tel Select'o'matic next to it to store my LP's in.....Hopefully someone will grab it and restore it.
  19. Hi All I'm trying to source 3.15mm ( or close too) mild steel wire rod to make pinball ramps out of. I'm having absolutely no success with local suppliers ( minimum purchase $200, that's a lot of wire ! ) Does anybody know where a I could buy small amount of this type of rod in Aus? Thanks, Regards Grunta
  20. Well no one will be putting their beer on it at than angle ! 😁
  21. "Would you believe" a couple of more pic's showing the Cone at the Top Of Travel with its Balls ( Well Chief and Max) Then a pic showing blurry balls obeying the laws of gravity and then them in the wire forms....
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