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  1. Huh what , you having another Birthday...Bloody Hell ! Have a ripper day fella and some nice cake ! Your family does great cakes !
  2. Great to catch up with you and the Family Trev, and great to see Thomas up and flipping and surviving the whole event . You did a top job fella 😃
  3. Woo Hoo Happy Birthday Ali, hope you have some nice cake...mmmm cake...
  4. Happy Birthday Young Doug, hope the sheep have baked you a nice cake...Oh and I hope its not to windy out there today, could blow your candles out before you get a chance 😃
  5. hey @Gemini2544, did you strap some antlers on a sheep, and tell them that it is your local Moose.....😁
  6. The synchronicity of life never ceases to amaze me.....and anything with beer involved, can only be a good thing...like Pinfest 😁
  7. Surely you can Air Guitar it perfectly, after a 6 pack of beer....I know I can 😁
  8. Not sure yet, so Just a bit of a tidy up, and play it for now....then maybe a restore down the track.
  9. I have played this beauty, full credit to @AxedBandit to breathing new life into it......It certainly challenge's one's driving skills . I think back in the day, young me had far better reflexes ( had to make my 20c Investment last for a bit of fun...)
  10. Its an opto receiver, they are usually a 3 pin device, is it 3 pin or 2 pin...if 2 pin its real old school\Post note. I see it has 2 wire, bugger....they where typically a IR transmitter and receiver usually on the door to stop naughty people breaking into the Pokie...I also suspect they had a certain send and receive code( so to speak ) to make then hard to by-pass and trick !
  11. Happy Birthday young Jeff, you Living Legend You 😁
  12. Happy Birthday Troy, You Party on like its 1999 !
  13. Happy Birthday Young Dave, have a ripper day and eat some nice cake....you gotta have cake 😁
  14. Could rip out the Novis and give it a go, Its very odd, not sure what happened to the plastic. But I wont do it tonight cos is 4 degrees in the Manshed 😁
  15. Hi All I picked up a Bride of Pinbot the other week, an she has a very sad Sling Shot Plastic on the right hand side. I'm not looking for a mint one, just one that looks better..... So if anyone has one sitting around, please let me know. Thanks The Grunta
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