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  1. Are you building the "Give Me A Hug " Homebrew pinball ?
  2. Show me one project that does not go over budget, especially in Arcade or Pinball....and i will show you my real Unicorn I captured a few years ago 😁 keep the posts coming. Pity is I don't think the pictures will do justice to the look of the cabinet in real life once you finish it. And dont worry about the budget, it's only money
  3. Big Thanks to all the Pinfest Team for putting on a great event.....So glad some of us Mexican's could come up and have fun.....Great to catch up with our pinball'n mates. Now just need my liver to recover and it will be all good 😁
  4. So Rich is doing awesome work on the Meteor ! So we needed to try and get Stern Coin Door Slot parts. So I finally decided it was time to start playing with a 3D printer ! So I bought a printer, watched a lot of Youtube Tutorials and produced a fairly good replacement part ...Its amazing how such a small part of the pin, can take such an effort to create ! Design the 3d part, then design the clear polycarb insert to go in it ( this is done in AutoCad) But once the hard yards are done, then I can replicate easy enough. Also lessons learnt with the 3D printer is now allowed me to make the Light Shrouds for the back Box. I also figured out that when it comes to complex 3D stuff, I will get @swinks to do that for me !
  5. Wow Who's a special boy then ! Happy Birthday fella....enjoy...oh also have a beer or 2 to celebrate !
  6. OMG @Cursed your already 100% Tasweigian ! wow.....Hopefully we can discuss this rapid 'change' at Dougs in 2022 ! Ring That Bell !
  7. Great Job Doug....its always so satisfying when you get all the super nasty bugs fixed ! Well done ! Hopefully can come and play it in 2022 !!!!
  8. Just caught up on the latest series of Money Heist ! Loved it, and the over acting is just awesome !
  9. yep Ok, but really needed a Hug....
  10. Shook the sh^t out of my place. One wall on my Man Cave Pinny room is a 7mtrs high brick wall, I watched it sway about 6" back and forth a couple of times ! That was at first AWESOME ! then I realised if it had come down, my pinny collection and my dogs would have been flattened...this is not so awesome 😬 Also I believe it was Godzilla out the back of Warburton, and the whole "earthquake" story is a government cover story ...but WE all know the truth !
  11. All I can advise is to drink beer whilst doing it, It honestly helps...Also will you send a serial output from the Arduino to a Mp3 player?. keen to see how this project finishes up, thanks for the posts.
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