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  1. I'm clearing out my garage and as a result I need to let go of my gumball/lolly machine. it has no lock so i 3d printed a cap to cover the hole where the lock use to be, i've also modified 2 of the 4 coin mechanisms to spin without inserting a coin, the mod is revertable but the mechanism is for an american quarter and for home use its better not needing any currency. $50 located in moorebank NSW
  2. I've decided to clear up some room in my garage and unfortunately I need to pass on my USA football prototype. Made between 1992 and 1994 by Alvin G this is one of only 11 made and is most likely the only one in australia. While it may appear to be a standard redemption machine at first glance it actually has a non-redemption mode that can allow 2 players to verse each other in a game of gridiron. The cabinet is in good condition other than a large chip on the front of the cabinet that a previous owner has covered up with black perspex, the side art is in good condition and the marquee is also in good condition with its original redemption sign. The playfield is in great condition with no major cracks or wear, the previous owner LED’d the machine however not all the GI was LED’d. The machine has a ticket dispenser installed however I never got the keys to the dispenser and I don't want to damage it by drilling out the lock so I have left it untouched and disabled it in the machines test menu. The price is 2.5K and is located in Moorebank NSW. if you want to see some gameplay of the 2 modes check out these videos i've uploaded to my youtube channel.
  3. LAI cocktail wired for jamma. the monitor is nice and bright with no burn in. cabinet laminate is peeling off in places but otherwise solid cabinet. had some fun with it over the lockdown but need to make space in the garage. $200 firm, the pcb is not included with the machine. perfect for classic horizontal games like ghosts and goblins however the monitor could be easily rotated so a vertical PCB like 1942 could be installed. located in moorebank NSW.
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