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  1. I'll take the DMD if it's still available thanks mate.
  2. Worth a shot, thanks. I’ll pm for payment postage details.
  3. Anyone have a good second hand dmd for a Bally wpc 95?
  4. No other games I'll keep an eye out for one.
  5. Have a system 11 capcom with an xmen vrs street fighter. All plays fine however can't get sound. Roms check out ok in test including sound rom. It does mention codes in menu could this be the issue currently I have no idea what the code might be? Also, who is the person for Pcb repairs in Australia. I would like to perhaps change the battery in this before it becomes an issue and have other pcb games that need repair. Thanks.
  6. Would take Firepower if it’s still available.
  7. I have one I've just listed on market place in Sydney. I've sold lots of machines on here interstate as iam sure those that have purchased will verify without issue. I'll try to upload link here.... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/218164786495884/
  8. Ill have 18, 19, 29 thanks if they are still available.
  9. Iam pretty sure I need to connect these two boards with as mentioned above but Iam really not sure if the missing ground wire is an issue. I would hate to stuff this nba up. I’ve been so keen to get one. Is there anyone that might be able to assist with this?
  10. Thanks Boots, it was a problem with power supply and i could measure that on the power supply itsef. I have a 500 in 1 Game Wizard that it didn't seem to effect so this through me. I changed the power supply witu a new one but it come up with the same voltages. Not real sure why that it. Anyway, a problem for another day maybe. What i would appreciate some help with is a sound issue. It has no sound. Rom chevk all good. Cab and spewker good. I checked schematic and can see that i have a connector that isn't attached to anything appears to go in P3 on the cpu from P6&7 on the sound board. Would be obvious i guess if my sound board connector was a 9 pin like the cpu instead it is an 8pin connector so maybe just what was available to the tec at the time. Also, i only have one ground wire connected to the two boards ( sound and cpu). Is that an issue?? I think iam getting onto this but wanted to check with pros before i go plugging shit in. Please help, NBA Jam without sound sucks. Cheers.
  11. I picked up a Williams NBA jam pcb that seems to have issues. I connected the ribbon cable and plugged it in and it ran through rom test successfully and played all be it without sound. Tried again and it just didn’t start at all. Then after starting re starting a few times it started up again. Now currently not starting. Occasionally but very seldomly I see some activity on the screen nothing like a picture though. Could this be a ribbon cable it wasn’t connected when I got the boards and they aren’t attached to each other only by ribbon cable. Any ideas about this and where would the best place be to have it repaired if required?? Thanks.
  12. Picked this today and have thus far got it to attract mode with no sound. Am i missing a wire of the pot? There is two connected to a three pin connector. Or otherwise does it have a dip switch setting or pot on the cpu? Sound was ok on other game wizard i tried. Also, what is the dip switch setting for free play? It is a Midway 4 player for what i can tell. What are these worth? I also need some stand offs to attach the two boards together. Does anybody have any for sale or know where i could get them? Cheers.
  13. I Always check ground earth and change the line plug when I get project pins first up. I’ll run over it again it does seem like a symptom of earth leakage. It checked out ok the first time I did it though. Am going to re pinin a few connectors as well to help with this. Earth strap to head box is secure. That vid guide is good. I come across these from time to time. Sometimes they don’t really speak to where Iam at and other times it’s exactly what I need to know. Have had a bit of run through of it so far. I like the fuse inclusion for the rectifiers. Very clear and easy to do so will definitely do that. Thanks for that.
  14. Spoke too soon.. At about the two hour mark the game froze. Displays out attract mode gone. Turned it on and off and played game like nothing had happened so once again it didn't blow the fuse and this time above mentioned connectors were in.
  15. On # 11 above I have included a list of parts repaired on the power supply and mentioned that it was tested as ok at the time of repair which includes those caps if iam reading them correctly. Iam not the greatest electronics scholar when it comes to schematic but i know enough to get by most of the time. Changing that diode as seen in pic above seems to have helped. Have had it running for almost 2 hrs without issue.
  16. No I don't think so. Not that I can see anyway.
  17. Couldn't quite understand what connectors this service update was referring to...Am keen to see if this issue might be affected my machine.
  18. Discovered this smaller diode on a coil today. Not sure if it will make any difference but I've changed it.
  19. So the game functions as per normal aside from the fact that it will spaze out and usually blow the fuse after about an hour or so. Haven't played it for an hour and a half solid but I have played numerous games without issue. So this issue has occurred after unplugging both above mentioned plugs on the power supply. Does this eliminate playfield iam very keen not to have to go through every coil and diode to isolate that as the cause?? As for the driver board and all boaads for that matter they have been repaired including above mentioned caps and all header pins replaced. It was tested as working at time of repair. It has those annoying connectors without crimps so recrimping is again something iam trying to avoid. Not sure about the other thing you mentioned the varistor. here's the work I had done to power supply.
  20. Yes I can read the schematics. I have unattached both plugs. Have a look at what I discover above. You may have missed it. Thanks.
  21. So the machine chucked a hobble after about an hour and half. Both connectors on the power supply were disconnected. This time however it did not blow the fuse. When it goes it makes strange sounds the score displays act up and game freezes up. If I turn it off and on it will come back fine provided it hasn’t blown the fuse. I think it has done this before and not blown the fuse but Iam not sure. Does this isolate anything?? @Autosteve I read through that stuff which is interesting. I might have to investigate that as well.
  22. Firepower certainly not alone. Stellar wars has an issue I need to get some help with as well. Will start another thread for that.
  23. ism going give this go so correct me if Iam wrong, I should disconnect both these plugs at the same time and not individually? Are you also saying without doubt that the F2 solenoid fuse can not go in attract mode either by means of a bad diode or dodgy coil? On thing I’ve also noticed with this issue is that when I replace the fuse it seems to run fine like nothing ever happened. Suggesting that it isn’t causing any further damage.
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