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  1. Hello I am chasing a 25 or 26in CRT in Adelaide if anyone has one? Thank You
  2. Hello I am chasing two Sammy atomiswave shotguns (sega) The orange ones used on extreme hunting If anyone has any, working or not let me know Thank You
  3. Hello Does anyone have an NFL Blitz pcb available? Preferably the two in one version, but anything would be good? Thank You
  4. Hello all Does anyone have any Mortal Kombat or a NFL blitz arcade available in Adelaide? Happy for something that needs work? Even an old Midway or LAI cabinet similar to used for these machines would be great Please Message me if you have anything available Thank You
  5. Would it fit in a Big Rob Cabinet instead of a Big Buck Cabinet? DM Kirsty and she should be able to hook you up with one
  6. Hello I am looking for a golden tee/silver strike pedestal similar to the picture. I don’t need the hardware or anything just hoping to find the cabinet to save trying to build one. Would prefer Adelaide Thank you
  7. There is one on EBay in Vic for $1850 or best offer Been on there for ages... I think it has monitor issues but everything else is fine
  8. Got it for $1650 Pretty happy with it I think the monitor or chassis could do with a service. It flickers slightly around the edges. I’ve never had to do any work on a crt type monitor so I’ll have to do some research. Other than that it seems pretty much mint. It is a 2011 that has been updated with 2012 courses
  9. Thanks for the heads up Managed to get it
  10. After doing a bit more research it looks like I’m better off with something newer that has the ability to upgrade. So if anyone has a golden tee with the nighthawk computer I would be interested
  11. Hello Does anyone have a Golden Tee machine for sale? Preferably in SA Would like something newer if possible 2005+ if there’s anything around
  12. How much did the Big Buck set you back? Haven’t seen one for sale for ages
  13. Wow Missed this earlier Does anyone know how much this was up for?
  14. Hello all Does anyone have a decent quality jpeg of the Big Buck gun stickers? Mine are faded and I would like to print some
  15. Preferably a World or Safari Even a Pro if I cant find anything else. I would love a HD but I think I am dreaming lol Would prefer something in SA, but for the right price I could venture interstate
  16. Has anyone had an arcade transported from NSW to SA? Any idea on price? Who did you use? Any help would be awesome
  17. Does anyone know how much it and where I could get an upgrade kit for a Buck Hunter Pro to Big Buck World? Are they hard to get hold of these days or should i just look for a Big Buck World machine?
  18. Thank you all Have been looking at a lot of designs lately and had seen the occasional 8 button setup and was curious
  19. If I build a 6 button per player cabinet will it be enough or will I wish I had 8 buttons? Is there a list anywhere of 8 button games? What is the best 8 button game?
  20. Sorry wasnt critiquing your work, was asking for design purposes lol I noticed the front and sides have overhang but does the back sit flush or also overhang?
  21. Hard to tell from the pics but does the rear sit flush with the sides?
  22. Yea just had a look and you are right. The range is reasonable but the price is a bit high considering exchange rate, shipping etc Still its nice to dream...
  23. Ouch No need to be like that hahaha - - - Updated - - - Thanks I'll do some googling and start dreaming about all the machines i should get :D
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