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  1. It’s not the same stuff side by side pdi is way better
  2. RTBB has them https://www.rtbb.com.au/product/world-cup-soccer-94-gate-1-ramp/
  3. Use to put on pinball nights at my warehouse and charge $25 p/p 5p.m to 11pm ish on a Tuesday night ‘between insurance/electricity/maintenance to keep games running. and about 4- 5hours of my time packing up projects out of the way and having to pick up rubbish after the night. Some weeks it would cost me money to put it on,then having people tell me I’m making a killing if 25-30 people showed up. No matter what you charge most people will complain and not see the behind the scene costs. After having one person talk to me saying I should not be playing in my comps as I’m charging and I should be serving to every ones needs was the thing that ended me opening up my warehouse to people. I have enjoyed the last 4 years of not having to put up with peoples shit and now it is strictly invite only to which I don’t charge and happy for friends to play machines. Funny thing now is I get asked all the time when am I putting nights on again. Not happening as that ship has well and truly sailed
  4. To get a walking dead topper I had to buy a machine with one on it, take it off then on sell machine with out topper
  5. New stern Dracula plastics $230
  6. Gone just like that
  7. After quick sale got this cheap of AAer 9 months ago all working good condition
  8. Working on my Daytona 2 arcade and replacing the steering feed back belt and can’t find any videos how to pull steering column out to fit belt over it any help appreciated thanks
  9. Like replays response I’ve had invisy glass,stern invisible,Jjp invisible and vampire glass all along side pdi glass and you can pick pdi glass every time,it may be minimal difference but enough to have pdi stand out the better every time. If spending $250+++ you may as well have the best
  10. Guess you have not see them side by side then, pdi is the true ducks guts
  11. I’m after 2 x lids that the seats sit on little bull bearing bracket from inside seat rails
  12. Jurassic park plastics now sold
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